OSHA’s ‘absurd reinterpretation’ of a regulation regarding workers and Covid-19

first_imgFirst OpinionOSHA’s ‘absurd reinterpretation’ of a regulation regarding workers and Covid-19 [email protected] Given the extent of workplace transmission, controlling exposure to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, in the workplace must be a prominent component of our efforts to stem the pandemic. Yet under the direction of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, OSHA, the primary federal agency with the authority to enforce safe conditions for workers, has come under sustained and justified criticism both for its meager enforcement activities and its refusal to issue an emergency temporary standard requiring employers to take specific steps to protect workers. OSHA has become primarily an advisory agency instead of an enforcement agency, offering voluntary guidance to employers instead of issuing enforceable standards. For OSHA to intervene in workplaces where workers are being exposed to SARS-CoV-2, it needs to know how many workers are being infected, where they are located, and what conditions they are working under. One important tool for acquiring this information is a regulation the agency issued in 2014 when I was serving as assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. That regulation, “Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses,” requires employers to report worker fatalities to OSHA within eight hours of a worker’s death and to notify it of hospitalizations and amputations within 24 hours of the event.advertisement Privacy Policy The purpose of requiring employers to report the most severe work-related injuries and illnesses is to help OSHA more effectively target its enforcement and technical assistance activities to the most hazardous workplaces, as well as to engage those employers, encouraging them to better protect the safety of their employees. In accordance with this regulation, early in the pandemic OSHA reminded employers they were required under the recording and reporting rules to inform the agency of hospitalizations and deaths of workers with Covid-19.The first of the few Covid-19-related citations that OSHA has issued to employers for violating its regulations was to a Georgia nursing home, which had delayed notifying OSHA that six of its workers had been hospitalized.At the end of September, however, the Department of Labor suddenly withdrew the Georgia citation and announced an absurd reinterpretation of the reporting regulation under which employers are no longer required to report the most severe Covid-19 cases to OSHA. While the regulation clearly states that OSHA requires employers to report “all work-related in-patient hospitalizations, as well as amputations and losses of an eye, to OSHA within 24 hours of the event” (emphasis added), the agency is now telling employers that they must report worker hospitalizations for Covid-19 only if the hospitalization occurs within 24 hours of their workplace exposure to the virus, instead of within 24 hours of the employer learning of the hospitalization.Reporting a worker’s hospitalization within 24 hours of a workplace incident is appropriate for traumatic injuries such as falling off a roof, but it makes no sense for Covid-19. It is generally impossible to identify the precise moment someone is exposed to Covid-19. As the country has seen in the case of President Trump, hospitalization for Covid-19 can occur several days after a person first develops symptoms, or even weeks, and symptoms do not appear until days after infection.While Scalia has asserted that OSHA has all the tools it needs to ensure workers are protected, the agency’s new policy is yet one more decision suggesting that under his direction, OSHA is more concerned with hiding employee infections and shielding employers from their obligation to protect workers than with protecting workers from infection. Leave this field empty if you’re human: What the reinterpretation of the reporting regulation means is that Covid-related hospitalizations will no longer be reported to OSHA, seriously handicapping the agency’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to workplace outbreaks. This is a betrayal of the letter and the intent of the regulation. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, in which workplace exposures play a central role in spreading the infection, OSHA has rejected a policy that lets it know where serious outbreaks are occurring. This new policy will impede efforts to protect workers not only from Covid-19, but also from other occupational diseases, including tuberculosis, silicosis, and lead poisoning.In stark contrast, while OSHA is gutting federal requirements to report on their workers hospitalized with Covid-19, states are taking action to expand mandatory reporting of workplace cases by employers. For example, Virginia, California, and New Mexico have issued emergency regulations to require employers to report Covid-19 cases, regardless of whether the infection results in hospitalization, so a rapid investigation can be made.The Biden-Harris administration will have the opportunity to enhance and strengthen the federal government’s efforts to control workplace exposure to Covid-19. Reversing this misinterpretation of OSHA’s reporting rule should be among the early actions it takes to reduce workplace transmission, save workers’ lives, and help the nation’s workplaces reopen and operate safely.David Michaels is a professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University. He was assistant secretary of labor for OSHA from 2009 to 2017, and is the author of “The Triumph of Doubt: Dark Money and the Science of Deception” (Oxford University Press, January 2020). Please enter a valid email address. David Michaels Related:center_img The workers who keep our transportation systems operating are at a high risk of getting sick with and dying from Covid-19. Arturo Holmes/Getty Images Workplace exposures continue to be a major driver of the coronavirus pandemic, something that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) should be on top of. But a reinterpretation of a reporting rule is making that all but impossible.The workers who take care of our sick and elderly, who keep our families fed and provisioned, and who keep our transportation systems operating do their jobs at great risk of illness and death. Those jobs put them in close contact with other workers and the public, and they are often given inadequate personal protective equipment — or none at all. Many travel to and from work in crowded public or semi-private transportation. Since the virus does not stop at the exit of the factory or nursing home or prison or subway car, these workers bring the epidemic into their homes and communities.Exposure to the virus has sickened hundreds of thousands of workers and killed many hundreds more. Nursing home operators, for example, reported 365,000 confirmed or suspected infections among their staff and more than 1,000 deaths between May and mid-October. The Food and Environment Reporting Network has compiled reports of more than 70,000 infections and 300 deaths among workers in the food industry. Both sets of statistics are incomplete and clearly underestimate the true toll. Many more workers in other occupations and industries have been made seriously ill by the virus, or have been killed by it, although the true numbers are unknown and only limited efforts are being made to collect more complete and accurate data.advertisement By David Michaels Nov. 24, 2020 Reprints About the Author Reprints Newsletters Sign up for Daily Recap A roundup of STAT’s top stories of the day. ‘People are going to die’: Hospitals in half the states are facing a massive staffing shortage as Covid-19 surges @drdavidmichaels Tags Coronavirusgovernment agenciespublic healthlast_img read more

PT Methodologist, Dissertation Committee – College of Education (Virtual)

first_imgProvides constructive criticism about the following:Data collection and analysisPresentation of the data and the conclusions drawn from theanalyses The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership (COEL)seeks part-time faculty to serve as methodologist on dissertationcommittees for our Ed.D. and Ph.D. programs. Contributing facultyare primarily responsible for student research mentoring within theschool’s doctoral degree programs. Specifically, they will berequired to serve on and/or chair dissertation committees and mightalso manage dissertation quality through service as a universityresearch reviewer. These faculty members will report to theAcademic Research Coordinator or designee.Primary duties and responsibilities include:Serve as methodologist on doctoral committees in either theposition of chair or second member.Manage dissertation quality through service as a universityresearch reviewer (if additionally selected to serve as URR).Complete required faculty trainingsRoles and Responsibilities for Methodologist and URR CommitteeMembershipThe Role of Methodology ExpertProvides feedback to student on the following:Proposed research design including appropriateness foraddressing the problem statement and research questions or fortesting stated hypothesesSelection of specific methodologySelection of a sample of appropriate characteristics andsizeOversee implementation of the selected methodology, assuringcompliance with the following:Program/professional normsGenerally accepted ethical and moral principles regarding humansubjects The Role of URR MembersThe specific role of this committee member will be to collaboratewith student, chair, and second member immediately prior to defenseof proposal and prior to the final oral defense, and to perform afinal review of the completed study to provide a consistent andreliable mechanism for quality management of student researchincluding the following:Insuring the maintenance of a high level of integrity in theresearch students’ produceFacilitating a level of consistency in the application ofuniversity research standardsProviding timely and substantive feedback that is within thedefined scope of the URR member role:The defined scope includes feedback related to theoretical,methodological, analytical, and organization content. URR membersuse the capstone rubric as their means for providing feedback onsubmissions.The defined scope does not include minor form and style andethical issues; however, URR members are instructed to alertstudents to such issues when they come across them. On occasionthey may make mandatory referrals to the Writing Center or theInstitutional Review Board for advice, on such issues.Determining if the proposal or research study is ready foradvancement to the next milestone in the process. URR memberapproval, expressed through scores and comments entered in theappropriate capstone rubric, will be a prerequisite for conductingoral defenses of the proposal and completed capstone, as well asfor submitting the abstract to the CAO for final approval.Training:All new Faculty Members receive specific training from WaldenUniversity in the techniques of teaching/mentoring, use of anelectronic learning platform, specifics of the policies, proceduresand degree programs of the School or College in which they aregoing to teach/mentor, socialization into the Walden Universityculture, assessment of academic integrity of student work(including use of www.turnitin.com), and research supervision oftheses and dissertations.EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE:Doctoral degree in the field of Education or related field froman accredited universityStrong research methodology background in quantitative,qualitative and/or mixed methods.A significant record of intellectual and professionalcontributions to the field of Education or related field, includingpeer-reviewed publications and conference presentations.Experience serving on doctoral dissertation committees isrequired.Three to five years of independent research project mentoringis preferred.Commitment to advocating for the learning and development needsof students earning their degrees in a distance learningenvironment; supervising student research preferred at the graduatelevel; commitment to the promotion of research that contributes toWalden’s mission of contributing to positive social change;commitment to advocating for the learning and development needs ofstudents earning their degrees in a distance learningenvironment.Excellent leadership, communication, team, and human relationskills.Experience with distance learning preferred.center_img Work Environment: Work is performed primarily in a standard officeenvironment but may involve exposure to moderate noise levels. Workinvolves operation of personal computer equipment for six to eighthours daily and includes physical demands associated with atraditional office setting, e.g., walking, standing, communicating,and other physical functions as necessary.Residencies:Faculty Members may attend Residencies which are held domesticallyor internationally, where they will teach intensives and colloquia,and facilitate school and university-wide discussions.Tools/Technical Skills:To perform this job successfully an individual must be able toperform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listedare representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilityrequired. Incumbents will be evaluated, in part, based onperformance of each essential function. Reasonable accommodationsmay be made to enable individuals with disabilities to performessential functions.Technology Requirements:Faculty members are required to have an adequate computer to handlean electronic learning platform, keyboard, pointing device, andcomputer monitor. All other tools are knowledge-based ortraining-based through Walden University. The Faculty Member mustbe able to use Microsoft Office products (MS Word, MS Excel, and MSPowerPoint), zip software, and Adobe Acrobat and must have reliableInternet access as well as alternate access in cases where primaryaccess becomes unavailable.Travel:Some travel may be required to attend academic residencies,National Faculty meetings and/or commencementactivities.last_img read more

NEJC Capitol Update: ‘It is my goal to keep our state off [The Daily Show]’

first_imgTo keep our readers better informed about the state government actions that impact our communities, we feature an update columns each Monday from one of northeast Johnson County’s elected officials: Rep. Barbara Bollier, Rep. Stephanie Clayton, Rep. Jarrod Ousley, Rep. Melissa Rooker and Sen. Kay Wolf. Rep. Clayton submits this week’s update:Deadlines are looming in the Kansas Legislature, and we are moving at a frenetic pace in our House committees to finish our work so that we can get our business to the House Floor, vote the bills out, and send them over to the Senate so they can be reviewed.In Social Services Budget committee, I had the opportunity as a legislator to call for a Post Audit of the KEES computer program, which is designed to streamline the eligibility system for State Benefits. The KEES system has been delayed from going “live” for years, and I consider this to be a big problem. It is my hope that the audit will reveal why this is happening, and lead to a quick resolution so that Kansas is able to more efficiently deliver services to vulnerable citizens.My chief legislative project, the Transparency Act, had a hearing in a House committee and a Senate committee. As many of you know, Senator Wolf has been instrumental in getting the bill, designed to live-stream proceedings in select committee rooms, through the Senate. The main roadblock is in the House, although I am optimistic, as the hearings on both sides went very well.I was intensely displeased to see that our Governor rescinded the protections for LGBT State Employees. I personally believe that LGBT citizens should not be discriminated against, and I also believe that the ill-treatment of such citizens has a disastrous effect on the image of our state. I have friends and family members who are LGBT, but more importantly, I have constituents who are, and it is my job to make sure that all of my constituents are being served well- which obviously includes making sure they aren’t being discriminated against. When the Governor’s executive action was revealed, Kansas became the object of ridicule on The Daily Show. Many of you have heard me say that it is my goal to keep our state off of that show, and while the goal may seem frivolous, that show is a barometer for national perception of our state. Why does what the rest of the country thinks about Kansas matter? Because, if we are seen as backward or hateful, companies will not want to do business here. Organizations will not want to hold their conventions here. People will not want to live here.All legislators, as well as our Governor, want to see Kansas first grow, and then thrive economically. The problem here is that we have fundamental disagreements as to how we get the state to that endpoint. It has always been my belief that if we have a strong, reasonable, stable and, yes, *friendly* Kansas, then business will grow. I remain committed in my endeavor to make it “nice” here, so that our citizenry and economy can prosper.I enjoy hearing from constituents. Please e-mail me at [email protected], find me on Facebook, or follow me on twitter @sscjocoks for real-time updates from the statehouse.last_img read more

Zen Bender

first_img Share On Wednesday, August 14, Grain Surfboards in Amagansett hosted author Stephanie Krikorian’s book release party celebrating her first solo book, “Zen Bender.” Her story of self-discovery was among the works at East Hampton Library’s recent Authors Night.last_img

Fudo holds on to win Accordia Golf Ladies

first_img“It took a long time for me to win one last season but this victory came in just the second tournament of year. It’s a huge relief,” said Fudo, who finished the week at 5-under 211.“Any type of finish would have been acceptable as long as it gives me a win,” Fudo said of her bogey on the 18th. “I don’t think I played very well in the whole tournament. I missed eight greens today alone and saving pars proved the key.”Fudo began the day with a three-putt bogey on the first hole but rebounded with a birdie on the seventh. She dropped a shot again on the ninth after hitting short of the green with her approach, but quickly made up for it by sinking a 10-footer for birdie at No. 11.While her pursuers struggled on a tough inward nine, the Japanese No. 1 parred the next six holes and took a two-shot advantage to the 18th green, where she missed a 9-footer for par after being caught in a sand trap with her second shot.Fudo earned 10.8 million yen from the 60 million yen purse.Hiromi Mogi (72) and tour veteran Michiko Hattori (73) finished tied for second at 4-under 212. Michie Oba (74) followed another stroke back, one shot ahead of Mineko Nasu (70) and Ai Ogawa (72).Sakura Yokomine, runnerup in last week’s season-opening Daikin Orchid Ladies, dropped into a tie for 32nd on 6-over 222 after a 75. MIYAZAKI – Yuri Fudo, who is aiming for her seventh straight Japan LPGA money title, could only manage a final-round 73 at the Accordia Golf Ladies but it was good enough to win her first title of the year with a one-shot victory.Fudo hung onto her overnight lead with two birdies and as many bogeys before sealing her 39th career victory on the tour with another bogey on the par-4 final hole on a windy day when only two players broke par at Aoshima Golf Club. IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5center_img GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMESlast_img read more

Vala, Vanua recognised

first_imgCricket After a brilliant two weeks of competition, the Netherlands retained their ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier crown with victory over PNG in the final at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. The final brought to an end a fantastic tournament that played host to a huge number of brilliant individual performances. The official team of the tournament below celebrates the top performers from the competition which includes the likes of Paul Stirling, Ryan ten Doeschate, Norman Vanua and Player of the Tournament Gerhard Erasmus. A panel of four selected both the player of the tournament and team of the tournament, consisting of television commentators Preston Mommsen and Natalie Germanos alongside ESPN Cricinfo Correspondent Peter Della Penna and ICC representative Ben Leaver. PNG Barramundis captain Assad Vala named captain of squad which has representation from six of the 14 sides who competed in the ICC T20 World Cup Global Qualifiers. ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 team of the tournament: Jatinder Singh (Oman), Paul Stirling (Ireland), Assad Vala Captain (PNG), Gerhard Erasmus Vice-Captain (Namibia), Ryan ten Doeschate (Netherlands), Matt Cross – Scotland (WK), JJ Smit (Namibia), Roelef van der Merwe (Netherlands), Norman Vanua (PNG), Paul van Meekeren (Netherlands), Bilal Khan (Oman) and 12th man: Bernard Scholtz (Namibia).last_img read more

Turner names Boekelo Nations Cup Team

first_img The final leg of the 2014 FEI Eventing Nations Cup takes place at Boekelo, the Netherlands, this weekend. Horse Sport Ireland High Performance Eventing Manager, Nick Turner, has confirmed the four combinations that will represent Ireland in the team competition. The combinations who have been selected for the Irish team, in order of go, are:Padraig McCarthy with Simon PorloeAustin O’Connor with Kilpatrick Knight (ISH)Jonty Evans with Double Dutch VJoseph Murphy with Westwinds Hercules (ISH)Ten nations will compete in the final leg of the 2014 Series, which has run at nine events this year. Germany currently top the leaderboard, 10 points ahead of Great Britain. Ireland, who have competed in just three legs to date, currently lie in joint fourth after finishing third at Ballindenisk and again at Waregem and fifth at Aachen.Action kicks off with dressage on Thursday and Friday. Cross-country takes place on Saturday, with the final showjumping phase being held on Sunday when the winners will be decided. Team Ireland High Performance Eventing Manager, Nick Turner, will be joined in Boekelo by Dressage Coach, Terry Boon, and Showjumping Coach, Ian Fearon.Michael Ryan with Tomgar Rembrandt (ISH) and Dunlough Striker (ISH) and Patricia Ryan with Dunrath Eclipse (ISH) will compete as individuals with their promising young horses at the Dutch event. Home  »  Disciplines News  »  Eventing News  »  Turner names Boekelo Nations Cup Team Tags: 8 October 2014, 16:17 Turner names Boekelo Nations Cup Team last_img read more