New California CO2 plant commissioned by Air Liquide

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Ivorian Kolo Touré joins Leicester as Assistant Coach

first_imgIvorian Chocolate Entrepreneur Breaks New Ground Kolo Touré has joined Leicester City in England as an assistant coach, the BBC reports.Celtic’s Kolo Toure in action with Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. ReutersThe former Ivorian international moves from Celtic alongside new Foxes manager Brendan Rogers.The duo has successfully won the Scottish domestic treble last season, the BBC said.Touré, has two Premier League titles to his name as an Arsenal and Manchester City player.He won over 100 caps for his native Cote D’IvoireTouré also won the African Cup of Nations in 2015. He worked with the Elephants in an unsuccessful World Cup qualification for Russia 2018. Related Aliou Cisse appointed Senegal Coach AFCON winning coach says wants to stay on as Cameroon coachlast_img

Rugby World Cup Jerseys

first_img 111 Rugby World Cup Jerseys davidson Sports Logos Sports Logo News 6 A French Kiss but Downunder 126 Share this post 4 Share this post 1 175 4 1,293 posts 5 Come on, nobody is watching the game in B/W anymore. As for rugby you need less contrast than in football, basketball or hockey as the offside rules are quite strict. Thus, the players are not mixed through the whole field. In lower German leagues (where I play) thew referees allow even such colours combinations. Posted April 15, 2011 Prev Fiji’s looks solid. Judging by USA’s group I think they can make the quarters 126 5 Link to post Does Canterbury think their nonsensical piping looks good? It JUST works on the green SA jersey but the gut stripe looks horrible on the white one.Also, I can’t see why the RWC wont use a vertical version of their logo if its to be placed on the chest, looks awkward as is. Posted June 3, 2011 0 0 111 Next Posted April 14, 2011 0 46 Followers 0 Share on other sites Posted May 15, 2011 Members Share on other sites Share this post Saintsfan Share on other sites 4 Link to post Link to post 0 The RWC logo really does muck things up on the front. Why couldn’t that be placed on the sleeve? 0 8 Link to post 341 posts Location:Perth, AUS 22,252 posts Link to post The Beast from the East Members By davidson, April 14, 2011 in Sports Logo News Primal 335 posts 111 kiwi_canadian 0 1 Link to post Go To Topic Listing Location:London, UK 5,026 21 175 Green Machine Posted April 14, 2011 175 Share on other sites Sports Logo News Posted June 2, 2011 3,969 posts Members 111 Share on other sites 111 kiwi_canadian 175 0 Posted June 3, 2011 Here is Canada’s alternate strip…which surprisingly isn’t white:As well as Georgia’s: Members Link to post Share this post 0 Link to post 4 11,604 posts Members Posted June 3, 2011 Gazzzaf Gazzzaf The U.S. Eagles should get a win over Russia. The Italy match will be interesting, as they are fairly similar to the Eagles based on what I’ve seen from them. They have some talent, moreso in the forwards, but mistakes are what kills them. I think the U.S. has a good chance against Italy, especially if Italy is turnover-prone. Italy also has the potential to destroy the U.S. if they put together a complete game. 3,969 posts kiwi_canadian Location:Edmonton, AB Followers 0 SportsLogos.Net Share on other sites MJWalker45 0 Saintsfan 3,969 posts Share this post Location:Cairns, Australia Posted April 14, 2011 Is there any chance that Australia will even wear it’s alt? I can’t see anyone that clashes with gold (or who at least would clash less with a white alt).They wouldn’t NEED to ever, but they might change jerseys against Ireland or South Africa say. I think I am right in saying that RWC and the IRB insist teams have a change jersey (England never had a change shirt before the 1991 World Cup for instance). So it’s not just for merchandising. Green Machine Posted April 14, 2011 0 Share on other sites Share on other sites Share this post Fiji’s looks solid. Judging by USA’s group I think they can make the quartersi sure hope you are joking…. canada outclasses us rugby every time they play and canada goes to europe and gets spanked by teams like italy and ireland, no chance the us gets more then one win, maybe over russia 1 Share this post 0 Share this post 0 Members 1 Saintsfan Members SportsLogos.Net 5,026 Fiji’s looks solid. Judging by USA’s group I think they can make the quartersNo chance. You should beat Russia and in the very unlikely event you beat Italy (who have just turned over the French in Rome), you dont stand a chance against Ireland or Australia.Best look for an outside quater final place are Scotland, Fiji or Samoa. Wales have lost out to pacific island sides at three of five world cups now and Scotland could turn over England or Argentina. Share this post kiwi_canadian Members 126 Members Grand Pooba of Walksylvania Share on other sites 5,026 Sign in to follow this   Link to post Share this post Members Kooga has done a pretty good job this year love Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Georgia. Not sure what the point is of making non contrasting alternates though; Australia’s is white with a fair bit of yellow while Fiji’s light blue isn’t much darker than white. Rule should be that uniforms can be easily distinguished when viewed in greyscale. All Activity 8 Posted April 14, 2011 davidson Forums Home Members 1,293 posts Location:Michigan kiwi_canadian Share on other sites Wilt 46 Share on other sites 1,767 posts Share this post Prev 46 Location:Perth, AUS 1 2,298 posts Share on other sites Don’t Make Me Angry Sign in to follow this   0 davidson 175 Saintsfan davidson All Activity 156 0 good finds. 21 1 Share on other sites Link to post 6,391 posts Members First to be released seems to be the reigning World Champions The Springboks. Rather controversially, for the first time the Bok isnt on the front of the jersey and due to the rules regarding placement of the RWC logo, has been moved to the sleeve. I for one find this very sad. I could see the rationale for removing the Bok for the Protea at the end of apartheid, but changing one of sports most original mascots 15 years and a 2 world cup wins down the line seems silly.Here are some shots. Its seems that the 4 teams who have won the world championship will again sport a Webb Ellis cup logo on the arm. Wonders why wonder why? Members 175 South Africa’s alternates:And here is Fiji’s: 11,604 posts 175 Members Favourite Logos:Richmond Tigers, New Queens Park Rangers, Victoria Bushrangers New, Cairns Taipans, Australia Made Link to post 9,334 posts Share this post Location:Edmonton, AB Link to post Share on other sites Share on other sites Green Machine MJWalker45 1 TNT44 21 DelayedPenalty fumbler 0 175 Posted April 14, 2011 Share on other sites Link to post Have some more for everyone here:Canada has switched to KooGa this season (formerly with Barbarian Rugby)Georgia:Samoa:Australia:Fiji:Tonga: Wilt Link to post Members davidson 949 posts 6 111 1,767 posts Wonders why wonder why? Next Page 1 of 6   Jhero34 fumbler Posted June 3, 2011 Posted May 15, 2011 kiwi_canadian Members Gazzzaf Link to post Link to post 0 True that the game isn’t shown in black and white, but similar tones aren’t great for people with colour blindness or other visual issues. If a red team plays a green team for example, some people will have troubles picking which side is which especially since a lot of rugby jerseys are predominantly plain coloured. I’m sure that players on the field appreciate being able to clearly differentiate between teammates and opponents as well.The offside rule might prevent confusion when it comes to standing in a line but rucks and mauls are just as involved as other sports, contrasting colours may help when picking out an arm making an infringement in the ruck or otherwise.In the case of lower leagues I suppose that there are limited budgets for uniforms so the league has to make do. I know from my experience of watching Rugby as a spectator (mostly rugby league) that its very annoying when teams wear non contrasting colours in close contact situations. 111 Rugby World Cup Jerseys Link to post Posted April 14, 2011 The Beast from the East Jhero34 0 Members 0 Posted April 14, 2011 Posted May 31, 2011 2,298 posts Loving everything that KooGa is doing as far as the jerseys go. Canada looks great! 21 Posted June 3, 2011 2,298 posts 1,293 posts davidson Share this post DelayedPenalty 175 156 4 TNT44 0 0 Recommended Posts 3 I am liking the Springboks jersey. Personally for me thats a big upgrade. And on the US Eagles, they might get a win over Russia, although Russia have, I uderstand, been improving recently. But Australia, Ireland and Italy will all be expecting relatively comfortable wins over the Eagles. Is there any chance that Australia will even wear it’s alt? I can’t see anyone that clashes with gold (or who at least would clash less with a white alt). Share this post 1 Is there any chance that Australia will even wear it’s alt? I can’t see anyone that clashes with gold (or who at least would clash less with a white alt).that’s what i was thinking, looks to me as a merch jersey at best Share on other sites 111 0 Luigi 0 Link to post Link to post 3 This topic is now closed to further replies. Location:Central Coast, NSW, Australia Members 1 0 Gazzzaf Link to post Primal Luigi 0 1 Share this post Don’t Make Me Angry Members Location:London, UK 0 Share this post 111 Members 2 0 Share on other sites Share on other sites Share this post Forums Home Share on other sites 21 21 Luigi Location:London, UK Location:Edmonton, AB Posted June 1, 2011 156 8 Share this post Location:Central Coast, NSW, Australia Location:Australia Location:Central Coast, NSW, Australia 1 2 0 Location:San Antonio, Texas 1,386 posts Posted June 3, 2011 Luigi Gazzzaf Gazzzaf Share this post Australia’s alternate is a close copy of the sevens jersey. 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