Images leak of smaller cheaper PS4 Slim

first_imgWe’ve known for a while now that Sony is set to hold an event on September 7. The expected reveal at that even remains the more powerful PS4 Neo console. However, there’s an unexpected second console also set to put in an appearance, and it could dominate the hardware sales charts this holiday season.Sony is preparing to unveil a PS4 Slim in just over two weeks time, and several images of the console have leaked online revealing just how small this console is. Those images initially started appearing from Twitter user shortman82 who noticed a listing on Gumtree of all places. <> As you can see, the leaked shots show what looks to be a full retail unit suggesting Sony already has the stock in place to roll out the PS4 Slim as soon as it is announced. It’s also thought that production of the existing PS4 model has been scaled back in recent months to clear stock before the inevitable transition to the smaller console.The PS4 Slim is good news for Sony and for consumers alike. For consumers, a console refresh typically means a quieter, less power hungry machine. But it is also thought that Sony will be able to sell this new console at a price significantly lower than the PS4. Sub $300 sounds likely to me.For Sony, the smaller machine means less packaging and a smaller packaged footprint, so it’s cheaper to distribute worldwide. The internals will have been condensed down and combined making for a cheaper overall manufacturing cost, too. The PS4 Slim is also an opportunity for a new marketing campaign, and one that falls just right to grab the attention of gamers and parents alike as we head into the holiday season.It’s true, the leaked images could be fake. However, even if they are would you bet against Sony revealing a PS4 Slim on September 7? With Microsoft already offering the smaller Xbox One S for sale, it makes business sense to respond with a smaller PS4 and help maintain that 20 million console lead.last_img read more