Covid -19 : Opportunity to achieve self-reliance to start from own home

first_imgOur home is the first level to reach to India level. Hence let’s start understanding and implementing the concept of self-reliance from our home only.Culturally in India, the concept of staying in a joint family is almost gone except some exceptions. Assuming here, that residents living in cities are in a nuclear family concept.Self-reliance for a family is basically to manage the required resources to maintain current comfort and further luxuries.The basic resources include money and domestic help.The requirement of money to manage household affairs can be decided based on a selection of a different level of lifestyle which may broadly be categorised as under:A. Cost of leaving to meet all basic needs.B. Cost of leaving plus a particular level of comfortC. Cost of A+B + high level of comfortD Cost of A+B+C+ luxuryE. Cost of A+B+C+D + high level of luxury and so onE. Future securityTo manage different level of requirements as above one has to look for financial resources going forward under the changing environment. People may have to review saved funds, it’s safety and it’s purchasing power going forward, current regular income and income going forward.Most people who were in services of domestic help have returned back to their home town. Also, people want to avoid calling people for such services due to the fear of covid infection. This is very challenging for a family to manage particularly when both husband and wife are working and also they have children.To meet this challenge, the head of the family in consultation with the members has to critically review and decide on:1.    What kind of lifestyle they would like to have now in medium-term and on a long term basis.2.    Based on above whether financially, head of the family alone can manage or any compromise is acceptable.3.    Is it essential for a 2nd member to go out and work regularly or opt work from home?4.    Review what all needed at home based on the selected lifestyle.5.    Review what all activities can be outsourced.6.    Review what all activities can be digitised, mechanised, automated.7.    Review how best to take care and build the career of children.8.    Review and plan for all above aspects at least for 5 years going forward.9.    Review and plan for balance work left if any i.e. after considering all the above aspects as to what work at home will be supported by each member comfortably.10. What kind of physical support/help required after considering above.With the right review, planning and actions this challenge of the non/less availability of domestic help can be converted-into many opportunities which will help in many ways like1.    Inculcate the culture of understanding, planning, disciplines and togetherness2.    Long term benefits to the family and future family members3.    Self-reliance whether covid or no covid. Secure family from any future uncertainties4.    Enhance happinessHave a self-reliant family to make India self-reliant.Stay safe, healthy & happyGood days are aheadlast_img read more