Quality of Education & our beloved India

first_imgJust read an article of an eminent writer Mr Bajpai @ TOI editorial page on Education. Well, the informed man writes well and thought-provoking pieces. But here he didn’t touch the original reason just by-passing it to be politically correct.Let’s come to the original reason for the deterioration in everything all around us. The structure of a nation, if u consider it from an artichtural point of view, rests minimum on 3 pillars & the 4th pillar which controls the all 3.These 3s are Health, Engineering (Infrastructure) & Education. Though all three have a mutual relationship the most important being the third one, without which first two can’t happen. Next  ..the main components of all three are human and the 4th pillars the administration has a stronghold on all 3s & practically everything.Now come to each one starting from health. The teachers are not available because the best in the field do not come into teaching in hospitals leaving lucrative private practices. Those coming into the teaching jobs in hospitals (Mainly Govt Medical Institutions have been producing the world-renowned doctors since days) are from “Not so best” and the most critical part of my argument, from the Reserved category of students.Now start thinking unbiased …a man, let’s suppose in ’70s in reserved category got a govt job. He got married in 5 yrs …his children (suppose 2) got admission in Engg/Medical in ’92/3 ….his grandchildren got admission again in Medical/Engg in 2013/14 …it continues. So just counting matter of factly without considering reservation got by his children & grandchildren in the best Govt schools (both primary & higher secondary) ..his family in 3 generations got minimum 43 times (including on job promotions). And if he (the original) had 2 siblings …then you multiply…When you give reservation to d most vital part of your pillars …you can’t prevent the rust that automatically creeps into the structure. There must be some inefficiency in the ability of the student who got reservation to get entry in the most vital part of your nation-building the Health & Engineering …he must b week in science subjects ..the heart of learning Engineering & Medical Sc. Then how on earth you expect them to be in the forefront of their profession. So major portion of them come into teaching after Masters ( again ….my goodness …by reservation) …and you get teachers (30% as per rule) who by no means can produce students brighter than their IQs. They are not supposed to be there in the first place.You can’t expect to build a nation with 35% of health professionals having lesser than the required expertise. Similar to the Engineers. Have you ever thought that all those inspectors of municipalities, CPWDs PWDs etc.. .who regularly check the bridges roads having lesser capabilities but got promotions early to be in the post of Inspectors ?? Have you? You are getting chills … no? Exactly …clerks or other administrative jobs ( not of higher orders like IPS IFS IASs) anywhere does not require any higher-order skill … everybody has equal capabilities ..and are supposed to do by anyone reserved or not.But selecting a coach for PV Sindhu from a reserved category bcz rule does say so..does not make any sense. Does it? Do you select Hockey players by applying reservation rule? No, because you need talents and hockey talents come naturally to the tribes of Odisha & Punjab …Apply a similar rule for teachers. A person who has lesser talent in Physics is not supposed to produce another Einstein. And….a ..big and…if he has that talent he will automatically qualify to become an Engineer or a Professor …no reservations are necessary.Just stay away from the reservation in higher education, from Graduation level to make India strong again …strong on the pillars ..all 3s. And for this, the all-important the 4th has to take the initiative to do away with reservation in any form in higher education. Only the deserved candidates will go further and we will get the best in every dept.last_img read more