Sexism wrapped in a pretty bow

first_imgGender bias generally refers to the preference of one gender over the other, it is when an individual is subjected to a stereotype based on their sex and can hamper opportunities due to a simple prejudice against their gender. It is mainly an issue that is faced by women and is given then the name of “sexism” and is something that is spoken about on multiple platforms by people who believe in “feminism” which basically advocates for equality between men and women. However, what is not spoken about enough is the subconscious expectation of characteristics of a “man” which happens to be sexism wrapped in a pretty bow.Gender discrimination has been an issue that has been very prevalent in today’s day and age and yet it is ingrained so deeply into the society that the only kind that is discussed is the surface sexism where the discrimination is very obvious.The deep-rooted prejudice is most evidently seen when people use phrases like “man up” or “be a man.”Growing up almost everyone has heard someone tell them to either “man up” or something with the same essence at some point in time, and still to this day it’s an active phrase used which originates from the societal expectation of what a “man” is supposed to be like. In conventional society, it is expected for a man to be the more dominant gender and is seen as more rational and in control of situations and expected to be “tough” while a female is associated with being fragile and more homely hence the phrase “be a man” would literally translate to “stop being vulnerable” or “take up the societal responsibilities you are expected to”. If a male were to be vulnerable, they would mostly be shut down by phrases like “man up” since emotions are seen as a symbol of submission and in the patriarchal society females are the ones who are supposed to be “vulnerable” so if a man were to do the same they would be seen as unfit to take responsibility hence “less of a man”.Another variant of the same idea is the phrase “stop crying like a girl”, this not only invalidates a person’s emotion regardless of their gender but suggests that only females are allowed to be vulnerable enough to shed tears as well. It also implies a negative connotation towards the idea of crying altogether, and the fact that it is associated with females specifically brings out the subtle discrimination in society. Of course, it can’t be said that men are the “oppressed” gender since that is most definitely not the case but the reason the stereotypes of women being the more submissive gender arise due to the fact that men are taught to be stronger or dominant than a woman which gives them a superiority complex and this is further fuelled by the use of such phrases. Telling boys to “man up” does nothing more than providing an unnecessary base for subconscious gender bias that may develop in their mind and impact their outlook on life.This is an issue that is so normalized in a society that people don’t even recognize the flaw. The general idea of sexism is associated with discrimination against women but gender bias can work both ways. In a developing world, it is important for society to accept and alter certain aspects of what is normalized in order to move forward and be able to leave certain practices behind.last_img read more