Unlocking ourselves

first_imgThe past few days have been trying and testing. We have faced some of the lowest lows in this period. We couldn’t meet our friends, couldn’t go to restaurants and cafes and had to sacrifice so many more things. As an escape, we turned to our phones. Audio calls, video conferences, messaging, we did it all. The phone just had to beep and we were in touch with one or the other dear one.Though our moms yelled at us, didn’t you observe that we had grown pretty close through this social networking? We shed our pretense of being perfect on these platforms and embraced ‘being real’. That made us reachable, helped us reach out better.But, with the ‘unlock’ guidelines, we got back to our daily routines- the routines which ate away at our peace, which made us hold so much back in all these hectic years. Now, we are not ‘always there’ the way we had promised people during the lockdown. We have no time to spare to take a look at every picture of the delicious, home-made, experimental dishes or to simply go on talking utter rubbish.This routine is definitely feeling ‘normal’, but is it ‘happier’? Were we better as friends, as family members and as humans during the lockdown? Well, if we were, then we need some fundamental changes – changes in psychology, sociology and ideology. If it promises a happier and an ‘always there’ us, then why not? Some time to ourselves and the world around us will surely get us the littlest joys bundled up to from a jackpot of happiness.last_img read more