Beware the pandemic of hatred & racial prejudice & don’t let it spread!

first_imgI read about & watched a video on the Rodney King incident (a black construction worker & victim of police brutality) a while back in April, before any of the current lynchings, hate crimes, racial prejudice  & protests/fights for rights started & now, I realize that the cycle of hatred does indeed go on, mostly because of the failure to learn from mistakes & repeating them instead of learning from them.And now, more injustice meted out against the black community with HUMAN BEINGS like George Lloyd, Breonna Taylor & so many others including a pregnant woman who took to the streets to protest mercilessly falling victim to the police acting like criminals & thugs. Are we seriously living in a topsy turvy world right now? I’m losing faith in humanity day by day when news like this comes to the fore.& I use that term ‘comes to the fore’ because it’s usually hidden away by the perpetrators themselves & not because they’re ashamed that they did it, but because they don’t want anyone knowing the truth or knowing how much evil they’re capable of.I’m pointing fingers at the authorities who are meant to serve & protect & at those who victim-shame as well. Mend your ways, please.last_img read more