Covid-19: An era of unfathomable quest

first_imgIn the world where nothing is certain, everywhere amid this hue and cry of Coronavirus pandemic, one stream of the people have started whispering that we have to live with corona exactly how we live with other diseases Influenza, cough and cold while the other stream of people is hopeful as a vaccine of coronavirus is on the verge of completion. Several facts are opening up each day about this pandemic. The world is full of noise about the pandemic but the fact is that even after so many months, even the authenticity of the information provided by medical agencies about this pandemic is doubtful. There is a question mark on the information provided by reliable sources about COVID 19. Almost every week, there is a new revelation about the disease. In such a morbid and uncertain environment, it is really difficult for common people to lose trust and faith in all mundane aspects. Who to trust then? How all religious places have been closed, it seems a little uncertain even to trust the supreme and sovereign power completely. This environment of pessimism may lead mankind to the world of morbid pessimism, anxieties, and various apprehensions. Several seen and unseen fears have clouded the entire world and nobody is untouched of it. Amidst this chaos, sustaining faith and sanity has become a challenge today, especially for those who already have unstable minds. The real problems, which human beings would be facing even after the end of the COVID crisis, are utter disbelief, doubts, incomprehensiveness, and intolerance all around which would probably tarnish the entire belief system, one of the imperative signs of human civilization. World today is facing medical issues but the day is not far when everyone has to fight with psychological issues also. Staying at home and constantly thinking about the wellbeing of loved ones, dealing with various issues of health and sanitation, getting negative news from the world around and that nerve shaking fear of not getting caught by this known but unseen devil i.e. COVID 19, are not going to confine to these days, it will linger and hover over our minds. The present state certainly is going to create so many psychological issues. Issues arising due to lockdown, social distancing, panic buying, and economic crisis are not restricted to today, consequences may be far-fetched. For months or years after this COVID -19 scenario also, people will not be able to come out of the hangover. A close-knit society like India may convert into a society where people would follow the norms of social distancing and won’t trust others so easily.Now the question arises those who are sufferers, Will be able to regain their lost faith and trust in the past norms of Indian culture and society? Will they be able to come out of mental trauma when they were struggling for their or their loved one’s survival? Will they be able to come out of their mental isolation and depression and regain their energies to invest in the growth and development of society and eventually the country? Expecting to get concrete answers of these questions will be almost like answering the question, “Will humans be able to come out of the clutches of Corona Virus?” or “Will we be able to defeat the Corona Virus in the year 2020?” The solution can be found in the statements written in religious scriptures where human life is considered to be transitory and our journey to life has to end but again the question comes if these are to be trusted?last_img read more