Desh Ki Beti

first_imgAfter watching Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl played by Jahanvi Kapoor, my heart really asked me one question; What is actually ‘Desh ki beti?’This is the question I think every person should ask themselves and not just girls or women? How do we want to paint the image of India in the world? Because I know the condition of women actually tells you if your country is progressing as a whole.It is not true that women are not getting opportunities in our country. NO! but they are not getting equal opportunities. This is because there is no check after getting the job. Women do get jobs and opportunities but then why is there a decline in the workforce of women? Is it the safety issue? Family issue? NO! The issue is of thinking. After all the efforts girls put in they are never considered equal. My family never differentiated between a girl and a boy and always helped me to spread my wings and fly but eventually, they too get tensed by the fact that what will happen when I will go out alone. What will happen when I am living alone? How will society react to my choices? After watching the movie today I was moved by the bond between the Father and the daughter. Though her mother and brother never supported her choices; her father was always there to pick her up whenever she had a downfall. We all need someone to pick us up when we fall and to trust us when we want to spread our wings. Like Gunjan had her Dad; I have my family to support me, I would request each and everyone reading this article to support each other because some words of appreciation and trust enhance the confidence of the other person and you never know what the other person is capable of doing.Criticism has never done anybody good. Healthy criticism is good but laughing on choices and making the other person feel weak is never healthy. No one likes to feel less than the other person. it is our responsibility to create equal opportunities and make the workplace equal for anyone who is working there irrespective of the gender. Everyone qualifies the entrance criteria with the same amount of dedication hence everyone should be treated while keeping that in mind.No one is weak remember! We can be what we want to be!last_img read more