Post Lockdown Era

first_imgPost Lockdown Era24th March 2020, a period prior to that is set to be recognized as “pre lockdown era” in the glorious history of India. Even the veterans of the country who have witnessed wars the country has fought are claiming it to be an unprecedented event which in no way is comparable even to those days of unpredictability. Prior to this no citizen has thought of countrywide lockdown, which is a reality today. Not a single human being on this soil has ever dreamt of compulsory and rather a voluntary home quarantine of self without any fault. The entire nation is living with a fearful Corona Virus in the midst of current forty day lockdown. The economic activity is completely disrupted and other equally important aspects such as education and medical wellbeing are also affected. While only the time will tell what lies in the upcoming days, everybody is guessing what the life has to offer post this. The government, administration various organizations and public at large are predicting the way forward in their individual areas of importance. We are compiling the expected paradigm shift which the entire country will see on the other side of the lifting of the restrictions. Few fundamental changes in few of the aspects of lives are expected which may influence the mindsets to adopt a totally different approach in their daily chores. The people of country have come out of crises in past but this event has joggled the citizens to their Core. The event is expected to largely impact the manner in which people perceive things and is also expected to influence the way things were done prior to this. Current choices available to people may become necessity for the masses. Outlining the expected outcome of New India.SpiritualityThe nucleus of each and every citizen is deeply impacted by the present lockdown and its consequences. Anyways the shift in priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality, but the intensity of this event has a lot more to offer. The fear factor, the uncertainties associated to its outcome and the traditional Indian culture is bound to compel people to incline towards spirituality. The crises ignite the spirituality in a country like India. This will be one event in which people will witness miracles, and will see country coming out of crises inspite of limited resources. The credit of the outcome post this will be equally shared between act of god and the physical human beings serving the country in these time of crises. If you go by the law of habit formation, which suggests the time period required to form a habit combines with the time given by the lockdown is expected to surely transform the individual soles to be more spiritual. The Indian belief of existence of GOD and he being the ultimate super decision maker, may further force people to incline to spiritually. Most of the people are expected to correlate the outcome with some existence of super power resulting in deepening belief on GOD. The infinite individual religious theories of India or the flood of videos circulated by spiritual guru further will add to the belief system.HealthIf we markdown a handful of people in India, who are slightly aware of the benefit of maintaining a good health and inculcating it in their daily routine, largely the population is not prioritizing it. India is a country where few people are even deprived of basic medical facilities owing to their income level, lack of facilities and unawareness. Moreover maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes a back seat while other struggles of life are given priority. Indians have not followed the west in following healthy routine which includes physical workout and diet. The recent awareness of Yoga in past five years has definitely ignited some passion for it among few citizens. The physical lockdown has impacted the people to prioritize it and has exposed the enormous benefits associated with it. Yoga the ancient Indian practice is gaining enormous popularity in this time of crises. The idealness of citizens during this time, availability of fully researched yoga practices online and the inner zeal of majority citizen for gaining better health, it is expected to be the regular pursuit for many citizens if not all. The mental peace primarily claimed to be achieved through yoga is also anticipated to be a must in some lives. This certainly will be a major change in people’s lives which in turn may impact the other areas positively.HumanityConventionally the citizens and culture of India has space for humanity from ages unlike in the west where people are more self centric. The discrimination in incomes and earning capacity of citizen is large and sometimes hinders the will of few individuals to show humanity. The pandemic lesson has largely aroused the citizens to come forward and participate in the national fight. The idea of fulfilling minimum needs of each and every citizen has taken front seat in many individuals. The interdependency of individuals on each other is reaffirmed in these times. The core of contributing in common cause at the time of crises is at its peak and expected to be a custom. The fellow feeling in the event where everybody is exposed and few are affected forces people to show kindness with the mental fear of getting self affected. The uncertainties of the life threatening event are set to give a lesson to human beings to show kindness. The impact of pandemic, post lockdown may further compel people to stick to the life basics.PoliticsIndian politics mostly have been ideology driven owing to diversified regional and religious motivation. In the political context, India on many occasions in the past has not witnessed “India first” ideology. Instead the regional priorities were dominating. The COVID on positive side has impacted the entire country and its citizen. Patriotism is expected to have a permanent place in individual. India is also witnessing a slight autocratic way to lead the country once the matter is of national importance. While the Democracy of the country gives the citizens certain rights and freedom, the modified manner in which all the parties are dealing the current situation will result in effective implementation. The execution and result there off is expected to sow the seeds for future politics as well. Keeping individual benefits aside over cumulative interest may be the reality. The rivals and followers are anticipated to be aligned in the matters of national importance. The patriotic fashion of leadership and politics is expected to be a reality.PerspectiveCitizens in India have multiple perspectives towards life, largely influenced by the community around which they live. It is also influenced by the fast changing trends in a developing economy like ours. The sudden lockdown has left people exposed to unexpected harsh reality of life. Even the experience of loneliness has a bearing on each individual. The harsh realities of external world and the alternative way of spending life are being experienced by all the citizens. With the varied frequency everyone is touched by the pandemic and it’s after effects. People have started thinking of an uncomplicated version of life with limited needs. A slightly conservative but optimistic approach towards all the facets of life is expected. God forbids, the only constraint towards this approach is the necessity of social distancing, which people may understand and apply it to discrimination with everyone they meet. However the basic nature of society at large will help it counter the theory.LifestyleThe Indian lifestyle is essentially dominated by the desire of each individual. The desire defines the lifestyle, be it the way a person carries himself on a day to day basis or his achievements out of it. Predominantly the Indian desire is inclined to present self slightly elevated than his actual being. Lifestyle is also influenced by the west and wealthy citizens. The citizens are highly conscious about the thought of how other will perceive them. The pandemic has greater impact on the desire this time. The lifestyle which ensures peace is expected to dominate. Simpler lifestyle largely governed by available resources without any extra efforts is set to lead the trend. The savings model of ancient India will further deepen.Education & CareersEducation has gained extreme importance in last two decades and anticipated to maintain the momentum. To a great extent the entire education system is run through physical classrooms in India. Lately there have been some entrants in the virtual or online education, then also it has remained an additional and optional route of learning. With the lockdown continuing and minimum possibility of resuming the physical classroom teaching for current year any time soon, online education may emerge as necessity in Indian system. Many schools, colleges and other educational institutes have started exploring the possibility and some of them have even started with the available resources. Thanks to the developments made in this space in last five years, which will prove to be the determining factor in implementing it. The method of reading for students, which again largely is done through physical books, will see a shift to E-books. The challenges faced by government in conducting exams during these times of crises will prompt them to create a virtual system of conducting exams. Again thanks to already existing system of taking online exams, which currently is limited to very few professional courses and will help in extending it to other exams. The challenge to develop research based examination pattern in online environments and extending its reach to rural area will definitely be a challenge, but needs to be won. The urge of citizens to go to foreign countries for studies and employment may reduce.Education is primarily determining the careers worldwide. The west has witnessed some skill based careers. The Indian environment is set to see a shift to skill based careers post lockdown. With lot of stuff already available to sharpen any skills, we are set to join the mood of the world. A duly defined, specific skill rather than a general skill may have large footprints in post lockdown era. We are also on the verge of witnessing a shift in the mindset of people in selecting careers. The careers which can cater the post lockdown needs including that of technology and skill based individually controlled may boom in coming times.TechnologyThe dependence of people on technology is already increasing over last few years. Ever evolving phenomenon of technology invention may see a spurt in activity and will drastically transform into a necessity rather than choice. Alternate ways of doing things may emerge at a lightning speed to cater the needs. Whether it is internet based way of doing things or the use of advanced equipment to make life comfortable, all may be a part of daily chorus. The penetration of the technology in rural area is definitely a challenge, but with fewer options this is all set to be a reality.The nature of business or the way in which it is being done currently and what can we expect on the other side of lockdown may be phenomenal. The nature of business largely will remain as it is, but we may witness a completely different side of the aspect in which it is done. Whether it is the individual tasks that are to be done in a business or the execution of daily task and their monitoring, both may see a major change. The people may explore more and more ways of concluding work from remote locations. In turn it may shift completion of many activities to the smaller cities. With the income set to be effected post lockdown, cost cutting measures to compensate it may prevail.The adoption of thoughts and things for people in India is governed by various factors including income level, regional availability, government policy and religious belief. Post lockdown era is set to witness the surge in demand of make in India products.CA Shalabh Kumar Daga#MoneyVirtuosolast_img read more