Emails Albuquerque spent 16M on cancelled Mexico flights

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Documents show Albuquerque spent nearly $1.6 million to promote a Mexico-based airline that had promised — then cancelled — regular international flights.The Albuquerque Journal reports emails obtained through a public records request show panicked Albuquerque officials after hearing rumours low-cost airline Volaris was planning on suddenly cancelling the scheduled direct service to Mexico.Officials in the emails tried to seek answers to rumours that Volaris was scrapping the flights despite planned media events and fanfare.In the end, Volaris did scrap the flight after Albuquerque refused to give the airline more money and following low ticket sales.Volaris was to begin direct flights from Albuquerque and the city of Chihuahua and from Albuquerque to Guadalajara, Mexico.Albuquerque has struggled to attract and retain direct flights to Mexico.The Associated Press

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