A Definitive Ranking Of Your BankRelated Rage

first_img8. When THIS happens Source: Shutterstock.com7. Cancelling your card….. and then finding it as soon as you’ve cancelled it Source: Imgur6. Not being allowed to use your cardI just want to spend money in your shop. Why won’t you let me? 5. Being charged for having no moneyJust take everything. Source: Memedad4. Out of orderThis one will resonate if there is only one ATM in the vicinity of your office/house/local and you need that cash ASAP.You swagger up to the machine, just waiting to feel those crisp notes between your fingers, and then… 3. IBAN numbersSorry, what?You’ve never heard of an IBAN number and suddenly you can’t blow your nose without needing one.Finding out what it is is a quest of Harrison Ford/Holy Grail proportions. Woman in front of me at the ATM had 5 bank cards. FIVE. Went through every one, checked balance, withdrew money. The world tests me— Stuart (@FergieMIC) March 25, 2014 Source: Rich Williams/Twitter What the hell is an IBAN number and how do I find mine out?— Rich Williams (@itsrichwilliams) June 19, 2011 Source: Will Run For Miles/Twitter Source: Gifsoup9. When this happenscenter_img Source: WordPress9 tiny things that drive you completely MAD>The 16 stages of clothes washing rage>Here’s why Verified by Visa is officially the worst thing ever> 2. Verified by VisaThere is a special place in hell for the person who came up with Verified By Visa. It’s an acceptable motive for homicide in some cultures you know? Source: Felix Cohen1. The effing AIB card readerPlease, take this tiny calculator and carry it with you at all times because we will ask you to use it at the most inconvenient moment and when you least expect it.Can’t find it? Allow us to send you a new one… IN 5-7 WORKING DAYS. BECAUSE NOTHING ENRAGES people more than restricted access to their own money, here’s a ranking of the stages of banking rage, from low level fury to all out war.15. “This machine can only dispense multiples of fifty”BUT I ONLY HAVE €47 IN MY ACCOUNT. Source: Photocall Ireland14. Bank queuesIt’s bad enough that banks are only open when the moon is in Jupiter’s shadow and the stars are aligned with Mars on the seventh Wednesday of the seventh month, but then you have to QUEUE!? Source: Imgur13. Specifically, the person in front of you in the bank queueRest assured they are in the wrong queue/haven’t filled out the slip/didn’t bring ID/can’t remember their PIN/were sent from Hedes to test you. Source: Thejournal12. Your addressHands up how many of you still use your parents’ address for banking?It’s understandable, because changing your address at the bank requires a blood sacrifice and a vial of Blue Ivy Carter’s tears.It’s all well and good until you lose your Visa Debit card and they insist on sending your new one to your home address, three hours away.11. The AIB security doorsPRESS THE EFFING BUTTON! THAT ONE THERE! PRESS IT!You only have to wait seconds to get in, but it feels like years. Source: Imgur10. Trying to speak to someone on the phone banking question: for an international payment, I was told I need to supply a Swift code / IBAN number. what is it? how do I find it?— Will Run For Miles (@katruns26point2) May 23, 2013 Source: Stuart Ferguson/Twitterlast_img

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