Researchers develop wallpaper that blocks just WiFi signals

first_imgBlocking WiFi signals is nothing new. Like all electromagnetic waves, WiFi is vulnerable to interference with a Faraday cage. The only problem with using such a structure to secure a WiFi signal is that it blocks all electromagnetic signals like cellular and television frequencies. With that in mind, a new kind of wallpaper has been developed by researchers at Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble that will block only WiFi transmissions, leaving other signals untouched.This magical material has a layer of mesh arranged in a snowflake-like pattern. This is the key to keeping WiFi from passing through while letting your cell phone operate normally. There are a number of uses for this kind of technology, but not all of them sound good.Imagine that you were paranoid about wireless security. You could plaster your home or office with this wallpaper to keep anyone from parking outside and snooping around your network. Institutions with sensitive networks that need to avoid interference, like schools or hospitals, could also make use of this material. It’s also possible that you might find yourself in a hotel or conference center in the future that sells WiFi and wants to prevent you from picking up a free signal from the building next door.Early tests of the anti-wireless wallpaper were encouraging. A Finnish manufacturer has been contracted to make the wallpaper, and the simplicity of the design apparently makes it easy to do. You should be able to buy a roll yourself in 2013. The researchers claim it will have a cost roughly the same as a mid-range conventional wallpaper, but perhaps there will be a “cool factor” markup. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing look, but it’s a lot more functional than other wall coverings.via ArsTechnicalast_img

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