Star Treks Data Brent Spiner uses Google Glass for the first time

first_imgLeVar Burton may feel like Google Glass would be a downgrade for him, but that didn’t stop Brent Spiner from taking them for a spin.When you sit on the bridge of the Enterprise for years, acting as characters that are using technology well ahead of what was available at the time, it is likely a surreal experience to see tech catch up. While we’re still pretty far from having android crew members on space faring vessels, we’ve managed PADD-like tablets and wearable technology that respond to simple commands that make us feel a lot closer to the Star Trek world.Google’s Glass project is turning heads everywhere, and while the conversation is still uncertain as to how useful or successful it will be long term, it’s undeniably cool to be able to pick one up and try it out. Don’t take my word for it though, check out Mr. Data himself, Brent Spiner, trying out Glass.Spiner doesn’t yet have his own Glass, but he was able to spend a few minutes playing with one owned by someone else. In doing so, he managed to playfully embarrass the owner by sending a message to his sister about “how great last night was” and explored some of the voice activated menus on the some page of Glass. After just a few minutes of use, Spiner was curious as to how he could get one of his own.While it will take more than a few words from the Star Trek celeb to make Glass a success, this experience is very similar to what happens when most people try out Glass for the first time. The projected display alone is enough to leave most people who have never used this kind of thing saying “wow” while eagerly tilting their heads and fidgeting with the device. It’s a fun thing to try out, and by the time it is a commercial product hopefully Google has figured out how to translate that into sales.last_img

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