McDonalds Angry Bird burgers look moldy and bloody

first_imgMcDonald’s isn’t a company that shies away from a promotion opportunity, that’s why we have Happy Meals and why Darth Vader got his own black burger. The latest burger-coloring promotion hasn’t worked out too well, though, because it’s ended up making the burgers look quite unpalatable.You can’t fail to have noticed that an Angry Birds movie is available to watch and Rovio really (really!) wants you to go spend the cash to see it. That has resulted in a big marketing budget and promotional ideas being greenlit without very much thought put into them. One of those ideas was asking McDonald’s to color burger buns red and green.The burgers are being offered in China carrying the names “The Naughty Green Pork Burger” and “The Super Red Burger.” The problem is, they don’t look great. The green-colored burger looks moldy, and the red-colored burger looks like it has soaked up a lot of blood. In both cases, it’s not really something you’d look forward to biting into.If you can get past the off-putting colors, the burgers sound like they’d be quite tasty. The green version contains a pork patty complemented by an egg, lettuce, jalapenos, and a mystery sauce. The red version is your standard double-chicken affair.The burgers aren’t the end of the Angry Birds food branding, though. McDonald’s is also planning to release Angry Birds Combo Boxes containing Chicken McNuggets, Spicy Nuggets, and new Jalapeno Chicken McNuggets. And if you fancy a dessert, then you can look forward to the Lemon Custard McFlurry, which is based on Angry Birds character Chuck.As far as I can tell, you can only order these food items in China and parts of Singapore. Has anyone seen them in other McDonald’s locations?Lol Angry Birds burger from McDonald’s Singapore— Xavier Lur (@xavierlur) May 19, 2016Green burger image courtesy of that’s mag. Other images courtesy of Yahoo! News.last_img

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