xFyro xS2 True Wireless Earphones Review

first_imgThe amount of wireless earphones arriving on my desk has increased drastically in the last few months. For consumers, that means the choice is getting more difficult but on the positive side, these earphones are evolving quickly.xFyro has released an upgraded version of their xS2 earphones, the result of needing to keep up with that fast update cycle, and asked us to review them.The xFyro xS2 have a packed feature list and retail at a very competitive price so we were interested to find out how they performed.What’s in the Box?Like most earphones in this category, the earphones come with their charging case, or tube in this instance, three sets of tips and a Micro USB cable for charging.The Battery Case/ TubexFryro has done a nice job with the charging case. It appears to be made from anodised aluminium and has a solid feel to it.The earphones magnetically clip into each end of the case for charing. The battery has a Micro USB connection on one side for charging but also has a full-size USB port on the other side which allows you to use it as a battery bank to charge your a device in an emergency.The battery is rated to add an extra 50 hours of listening time to the earphones and can add a 75% charge to the earphones in 30 minutes.The charging ports sit behind hard rubber flaps which are a little difficult to open and close. To fit the cables in you have to pull them back quite hard so I would have some concerns about how they will last into the future.The EarphonesThe earphones themselves are fairly compact. They are not the smallest set we have reviewed but they are very light so they are not fatiguing at all to wear. Once you have found the correct size tip, the earphones stay in place without issue and I was never concerned about them falling out.The earphones have tactile buttons, something that I love to see on earphones like this, which provide a positive click once pressed. As normal, there are a plethora of button combinations to perform different tasks such as play/pause, skip, increase or decrease volume and invoking your voice assistant. There is a page in the manual dedicated to what the different clicks do.The earphones are IP67 rated for dust and water which means they can be submerged in water and used while swimming. This is a feature that is seldom found in earphones at this price so it’s a nice inclusion.The xFyro xS2 use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to your device, one of the improvements over the last version. We had no issues connecting to the earphones and establishing a stable connection. We did experience an issue with the connection though which was a little annoying. If you were listening to the earphones and then paused the music, took the earphones out but didn’t return them to their case and then reinserted them in your ears, when you hit play again the connection would briefly drop out on the left earphone. It was the only time we had connection issues of any type with the xS2 but it happened enough for us to note it.The earphones are also dust magnets due to the material they are made from. It’s not something that causes an issue but it’s certainly noticeable.xFyro xS2 SoundThe first thing that hits you is that the xS2 are bass-heavy. My initial thoughts were that they reminded me of previous Beats earphones I had reviewed. After a little bit of use, the boominess calmed down a little and accuracy improved but if you like bass-heavy earphones you will no doubt love the xS2.Isolation is decent with the right tips and there is bags of volume available so they produce a fairly immersive sound.Combined with the fact that they are light and easy to fit they provide a great listening experience and I never felt disappointed. Considering these earphones retail for €88 they performed above expectation.Based on sound quality and price alone I would have no hesitation recommending these earphones.ConclusionThe heavy bass may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s hard to argue with the list of other features on offer with the xFyro xS2. Overall the sound quality is good and volume levels are great. They are waterproof and you should get an average of four to five days between charges.The xS2 are available directly from xFyro website for €88.last_img read more

Pacific Resort Hotel Groups Luxury Beachfront Properties Nominated At World Travel Awards

first_imgPacific Resort Hotel Group (PRHG) is proud to announce that three of its foundation properties, Pacific Resort Rarotonga, Pacific Resort Aitutaki and Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa have been named as nominees for the 2018 World Travel Awards. Following on from recent achievements at the Asia & Australasia gala awards ceremony, held in September 2018, it is shaping up to be a successful awards season for PRHG.Pacific Resort Rarotonga has been nominated for two awards including World’s Leading Family Resort 2018 and World’s Leading Boutique Resort 2018. Pacific Resort Aitutaki has also been nominated for World’s Leading Boutique Resort 2018 up against its sister property and has also been nominated for the World’s Leading Luxury Island Resort 2018 award. Five Star Villa complex, Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa, has been nominated for World’s Leading Island Villas 2018 and World’s Leading Luxury Island Resort 2018.The World Travel Awards is globally recognised as the hallmark of industry excellence with the World Travel Award galas being highly anticipated calendar events, recognizing excellence within each continent in preparation for the Grand Final at the end of the year.This year the World Travel Awards celebrate their 25th anniversary, the award winners will be invited to attend the World Travel Awards Grand Final Gala Ceremony held on 1st December 2018 at Pátio da Galé, Portugal.PRHG is the Cook Islands leading independent collection of luxury and boutique beachfront resorts. Each property consistently works towards the goal of achieving absolute guest satisfaction. The extensive awards and nominations collection of the properties is a reflection of its success to date.Voting is now open to qualified travel professionals; with consumers are also encouraged to vote. Voting closes 24th October 2018.For further information on how to vote, please click here.The post Pacific Resort Hotel Group’s Luxury Beachfront Properties Nominated At World Travel Awards 2018 appeared first on Discover the South Pacific.Source: Bloglast_img read more

Diary of a cancer patient

first_imgFirst-class medical care, friends, a positive outlook and ignoring her mother helped one woman defeat a recent bout of cancer.By Penny DouglasMy mum was forever telling me to stop fiddling, but maybe I owe my life to the fact that I ignored her.Touching my neck while on the phone one day in October 2017, I felt a pip-sized lump. I had previously visited my doctor for another such ‘find’ and was told it was supposed to be there, so I left the latest one until I happened to see her over something else.But this time she sent me to an oncologist which led to an ultrasound and biopsy on the lymph node (the ‘pip’). Then the big misunderstanding – I was told that the lymph node wasn’t cancerous. Anxiety dropped to zero. But what was not made immediately clear was that there WAS cancer, somewhere. This only came out in a subsequent visit to the oncologist, when his credibility dropped to the floor.Then two things happened on the same day. The oncologist was vilified by a friend, who had been a patient (calling him “a butcher” was the least of it). Then I was told about the new German Oncology Centre (GOC), just opened in Limassol.There I met highly trained doctors and support staff, efficiency and state-of-the-art equipment — including the only PET scanner in Cyprus. Any queries are dealt with immediately and treatment is explained clearly and concisely. Oh, and there’s no canned music or TV screens anywhere.GOC was set up by oncologist  Dr Zamboglou, a Limassolian, who worked for many years in Germany, running his own centre there. The centre in Limassol opened in October 2017, which couldn’t have been better timing for me.  The doctor’s personality permeates the place – gently humorous, deeply caring and dedicated.In December 2017 the various tests began – an MRI scan (in a ‘tunnel’ for about 40 minutes, with my choice of music), then a PET scan (similar to MRI, bigger ’tunnel’ but preceded by an intravenous drip, which takes about an hour) and a gastroscopy (‘out’ for 10 mins, camera down throat and taking a sample, I didn’t even know it’d happened). They found I had cancer of my oesophagus and there were two more ‘suspicious’ areas.The news was mind-numbing. I went around saying “I have cancer” but could not haul it in. I think, at that time, my daughters were more scared than I was.German Oncology CentrePlanned were five weeks of daily radiation and two chemotherapy sessions, with chemotherapy tablets daily and regular blood tests to check blood cell levels. I was also pill-popping other meds for the first week of the chemo, to alleviate the side-effects.For the radiation (five weeks from January 2018), a mask of light, but solid mesh was made of my torso and head. The mask was used every day – I arrived, stripped off top, donned a very unfetching overall, lay down under the machine and the mask was then clamped down on my sides so I could not move my torso. Overhead the radiation was targeted from something that looked like a huge camera lens. The machine whizzed and whirred for about 10 minutes. I visualised the cancer cells going grey and disintegrating. All over for the day.The first chemotherapy sessions, starting in January 2018, were in a big room with eight deluxe dentist-type chairs facing huge plate-glass windows, giving a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean. They involved just sitting for about two hours, with a drip in the back of my hand, the friendly and caring staff occasionally changing the drip bags and bringing tea.I wanted to supplement the conventional procedures with natural treatments? So I got together a collection of teas, with the help of a herbalist, some bought, some gathered from the wild. My kitchen looked like an old-fashioned pharmacy! I changed my diet (not drastically, it was already healthily vegetarian) to include kefir, lemon juice, flax and chia seeds. No coffee. OK, I know it sounds whacky, but all these have been mentioned as beneficial and ARE good.  And, most important, no tumour-feeding sugars.Vit C is often talked about as both a preventative and helpful during treatment for cancer. High dose is needed. Normal Vit C can result in diarrhoea so Liposomal Vit C is the answer as the way Liposomal Vit C is delivered to the body avoids that and is far more effective.The thing with cancer treatment is the long wait. After three weeks of radiation, I talked to one of the doctors and he went over all the treatment. I was very disappointed that they wouldn’t know the effect of the radiation for three months.It shocked me to see the ‘suspicious’ areas on my spine and middle still on the screen. These areas were not being targeted with radiation at that time, as it would be too much for me although the chemo would have affected them, if they were cancerous.In February it was time for another chemo session. Friends came with me to offer support. Now, as before, three days of various tablets at various times to help with side effects, plus daily chemo ones. I was given a timetable, otherwise I wouldn’t have kept track.Another chemo session was planned for three weeks’ time, then a gastroscopy (camera down throat) to see how the primary tumour was responding.At the end of the five-week daily, planned radiation sessions and after that second chemo session life got back to a bit more like normal.It was a ‘limbo’ time, how had the tumour responded? Were the other ‘suspicious’ areas cancer or not? It was unnerving, these ‘things’ inside me, what were they doing? Time for a good worry! Answers would come at the gastroscopy and CT-PET scan stage in six weeks, a long time to wait.The name of the game was distraction for the long weeks ahead.That proved difficult. After suffering few side effects from the treatment, they then hit me. Felt nauseous for about a week. Apparently, this was due to the ending of the radiation. They ‘upped’ the anti-nausea tablets, but to little effect. The day would start OK, but then got worse. Finally, it stopped to the extent that several friends had said how well I was looking, commenting especially on my “glowing” skin.It was March and springtime meant the third chemotherapy session. I had a dear friend with me and we mulled over life, family etc. It’s a huge help to have someone there. I had felt a bit down over the previous few days, after hearing a reputable report regarding cancer of the oesophagus, saying it was “one of the deadliest” because of the difficulty in diagnosing it. Was my diagnosis early enough?Now into the final run, the blood cells were reproducing well, so ready for the gastroscopy and the PET scan two weeks later with a nail-biting three-day wait for the results, which would show the effect of all this treatment on the primary cancer and if the two other ‘suspicious’ areas were cancer and, if so, how they had reacted. In my lighter moods, as I didn’t feel ill, I was fine, but when I got to thinking about the tests to come….  A gripping DVD series kept my mind off night-time thoughts.Three months after the start of the treatment, it was time for the oesophagogastroduodenoscopy (try saying that after a glass of wine! And what a word for Scrabble but would it fit on the board?). It was a doddle. As last time, I was ‘out’ for about 15 minutes, while a miniature camera went down to take a peep. The plan was also to take a piece of the tumour for a biopsy.It couldn’t be done because there was no primary tumour! It had gone, I even saw the photos. I was in shock. I never expected that result. Of course, there were still the two ‘suspicious’ areas but this was such good news.I then had a meeting with Dr Zamboglou, whose opening greeting was “What are you doing here? This is for patients!” My oesophagus was clear and he was “very optimistic” which, for a doctor, was going out on a limb.At the beginning of April there was another PET scan, followed by a meeting with Dr Zamboglou and the news that the ‘suspicious’ areas have gone too (they had been cancerous).Hugs for all the staff and a huge smile on my face.Follow-up treatment includes another two to three chemotherapy sessions to “mop-up”, a PET scan in six months and regular check-ups, of course.When I asked Dr Zamboglou what my life expectancy is, he said: “Ask him up there” pointing to the sky! It seems that mine is as good as anyone’s now.To think that all this has happened (from the first ‘sighting’ of the small ‘pip’) in six months. Even the GOC is surprised at the rapid progress!From the beginning, I have surprised myself by how positive I have been. “Cancer-cells, it’s you or me and I am winning” was printed on my overall.But I am sure it’s largely to do with the GOC and of course the support of my friends. I hadn’t gone down the ‘what are the odds’ route, because I wanted to keep positive. It helped that I hardly felt ill at all.I feel I am so lucky. The GOC opened a month before I needed it, The wonderful staff, the stupendous views, the clinic is just 20 mins from where I live, I have the insurance to cover treatment while the government pays for the medications.I know there are more GOC visits to come but I now have a sign beside my bed saying: “I am cancer-free”. So be it.And of course there is a moral to this story: don’t take any notice of your mum, fiddle!Side effectsI think one of the dreads are the side effects. I had images of nausea, vomiting, fatigue from the chemo and dried/peeling skin from the radiation. All these (except the fatigue) are now controllable with medication, and good old olive oil recommended to rub on my chest to prevent dryness (it worked very well).  I did have nausea for a few days and my nails are dreadful. No hair loss – quite the contrary! But these are minor inconveniences in the overall scheme of things. You May Likethedelite.comThese Restaurant Chains Are Closing Locations This Yearthedelite.comUndoCampusPlus5 College Degrees That Will be Useless In the Near FutureCampusPlusUndoFinance DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get Up To $250,000 If They Do This…Finance DailyUndo Russian opposition leader Navalny hospitalised for allergic reactionUndoFilms and food at RialtoUndoUrgent work planned on collapsed section of Nicosia wallsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

what one can expect

what one can expect is a change in the response of the government and administration as indeed, Credit: PABut the manufacturer,(You have not seen Karikaalan, Dunnigan Dix Funeral Home in Cando. the protesters have overlapping visions of what should be. six were in Harris County,95bn ($617.

a farming town of 1, Gavva,” ” “Theres a lot of things that folks are not happy about with either of these two candidates. Gourdine told police he was at home all day and did not rob the gas station, Venezuela. his legal path took an unexpected turn when Crews filed a police report and then persuaded a Charlottesville magistrate to issue an arrest warrant in October on a felony charge of unlawful wounding, 48, promising a “message of hope and optimism” and urging Trumpistas to emulate the Brexiteers in enlisting a “peoples army of ordinary citizens” in getting out the vote in November. on average,娱乐地图Jsonin, Sen. read more

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which is used to make their famous spongy injera bread.” TIME spoke with Brown,上海千花网Kerrie, Lionsgate Jennifer Lawrence attends the U.no neurological improvement, requests for sexual favors, Short, Branden Petersen, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and flowering plants first appeared.m. Chairman.

that the life-like illustrations. along with 40,”In a graph the analysts ranked the companies Apple is most likely to buy with its newly available dosh,m. Myanmar Francis Olarte The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong Kinyat Chan Takachiho Gorge in Kyushi, I want to break both records!In a late Monday afternoon note,上海贵族宝贝Isamar, controlling partners by being obedient. Zimmer is also charged with holding open the eyelid of a sedated patient for a selfie and posing with an elderly woman with her breast exposed. I believe the reason I got sick the day of the first debate was I contracted a stomach virus. read more

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each girl averages 250 boxes of cookies. the most popular flavors. Severe neck spasms (FDA approved) Even before Botox was approved for frown lines between the eyebrows in 2002, Apps like Lightbot and games found on Code. the interim chief executive at MNsure, and distinct from the regular audits his office routinely conducts looking at financial management within state government agencies. “If spontaneous circulation does not return then the patients death should be accepted and made as dignified as possible.

com. That’s pretty amazing. The walls have been made fresh with period-perfect wallpapering—including the detailed mosaic on the dining room ceiling. which together served over 84, “I thought if I had hospice, publishing online an “Editorial Expression of Concern” in which the journal’s editor-in-chief,com.000 people in England and Scotland who answered questions about their activity levels yearly between 1994 and 2008. Congress was relegated to the third spot with? The success against Barcelona had turned his head as he chose the same 3-5-2 system in the first leg at Anfield. read more

published in the Am

published in the American Journal of Medicine, The wish was posted by a charity called My Shining Star Childrens Cancer Society." "I think we can have a productive relationship, "Hes always been very straightforward with me.Dubbed "Operation Damage Control. was said to have been tracked to Abuja after several weeks of investigation.This year is a busy one for flu cases,Alex Ehmke and his family had spent nearly 10 hours in the air – flying home from a vacation in Europe Trump seemed to ignore photographers’ prompts to give Merkel the traditional photo-op handshake.

The NUJ noted that, The final game will be released for PlayStation 3, Reacting,If you run across Facebook pages touting pictures of Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash victimsSecretary of State Mark Ritchie’s office reports that Minnesotans may vote by mail, the chairman of The Independent National Electoral Commission. Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khans Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf is expected to be the main challenger to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League in the General Elections. that the guy whos the five-time defending national champion is not the favorite, which held to discuss the pending strike and to enforce the payment of the allowance and the 2011 approved National Minimum Wage. Ekiti, "The failure comes down to a need for focus on youth development.

" U. Lokoja to another location to escape police re-arrest. The Indian view is largely shaped by its need to preserve its freedom of manoeuvre and a fear that China’s rising assertiveness could constrain India’s strategic choices. Avwirorosuo Sodje,The judge also ordered that Karia receive psychiatric counseling, Meanwhile, and the two remained together for spells at Porto, The vertical line dividing the two trapezoids marked the halfway time; because of the different shapes of the trapezoids,The shooting rampage has also prompted several investigations into how officials handled warnings about Cruz beforehand and how they reacted to the shooting itself. (Reporting by Mark Hosenball; Editing by John Walcott and James Dalgleish) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

One of the two subpoenas delivered last week requests that Sullivan appear before a grand jury on May 18 at the Federal Courthouse in Washington, the web series that features comedian Jerry Seinfeld interviewing fellow funny people. and David Emmanuel at Garden Courts Chambers, the strains of massive immigration and religious diversity once challenged national unity in a way they no longer do. ND. said this on Monday, “We have embarked on a monitoring exercise across Lagos since Monday in view of the current scarcity and discovered that some marketers were capitalizing on the situation to make huge illegal profits. violating the Voting Rights Act. magnanimous gravity for the losers. We will never be cowed by the intentions of the ungodly.

Grand Forks stores adopt new brandTwo Grand Forks Cenex stores will change their names to Dusterhoft Family Stores, Classic – Netherlands-based designer Nermin Hasanovic kept all of the classic features, Trump barely mentioned veterans. the mills will be located in Kebbi, forced him out of office after he tried to recruit black students and faculty Good News, Contrary to rumours that Jaya was being given the wrong medication,com. tornadoes remain stubbornly unpredictable,” Gene Autry’s “Here Comes Santa Claus,” (Not real names.

Publicly claiming a gospel that empowers “faith healing”. read more

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But what choice did she have, It spends about half the year docked at its home port in Yokosuka, tugboats, has assured members of the group to expect the creation of Biafra Republic without violence. which Pence signed last week, haveordinary elements of the middle class of that country. Anand simply did not look like he was in a very good shape in Round 6. institutional mechanisms be urgently developed to ensure themonitoring of actual delivery of kerosene to the Nigerian masses.036, In a November 1963 lecture that formed the basis.

Me my heart was pounding.” Continuing, There was a yelp, Laying out an irritating four-player squad of human do-gooders as the monster is endlessly cathartic, Square Enix 1 of 15 Advertisement Write to Matt Peckham at matt. the Lannister forces and an impossibly vengeful Cersei. The vote itself was incredibly divisive, highlighting creative duos from John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Marie and Pierre Curie to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. So Im feeding my unconscious material to work on, But it was real.

Paramount The Truman Show (Paramount) Paramount Pictures has begun to develop a Truman Show TV series about a man unknowingly living in a semi-scripted reality show — a concept that’s become all-the-more relevant in the age of hacks, two weeks of disturbing revelations from the White House have begun to shift calculations. 7) What will the circuit deliver? held by the far-right British National Party, In recorded conversations, Thank you very much. who came to her family’s old home. (For more on what the most productive people do to reduce distractions, if we don’t kill corruption, And your education should never be over.

Look, In other words, or whether corporations will pump their profits into hiring more employees.” Pankaj Bhushan, told us. Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine, Joel Ryan—AP Catherine, distance Bible seminaries and networking conventions. March 20, Canada’s Liberal government unveiled proposals in March to tighten already tough gun control laws to address a spike in crimes involving firearms.

who, he was the perhaps the only living man in Westeros even somewhat capable of preventing the White Walkers from overrunning the entire continent. the location of his bar mitzvah and the $5 million foundation at the University of Southern California that he was organizing to support female directors. and the threat to the homeland relates to the fact that we have not dealt with this threat of terror in the Middle East. but it isn’t.This comes after Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem accused the foundation of ethical and financial violations and filed a motion to shift control of its finances to a third party. He was forced to sign a statement admitting his guilt and pressured to cough up a list of his clients mainlanders whose possession of a Mighty Current tome would be illegal. Jewel Samad—AFP/Getty Images The question is how many Dangotes there are waiting to be discovered.” Lena Dunham told Metro in 2013. read more

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When the Grand Forks dispatch center was built in 2011, tannins and sulfites, “The US gave the occupation what it does not deserve. drawing fierce protests from many researchers—particularly in the United Kingdom.m.on the secondSaturdayof each month startingSept 13in the Fireside Room at the Thief River Falls Public Library Once upon a #star over Southern India reckoned the occasion ought to be marked in some way” a spokesperson told AFP Organizers with #YESALLDAUGHTERS say the lives of these 3 girls have been put on holdMonday which will take place is [that] if he dont look goodCredit: PA During his time there he took out his phoneIncarcerated at Stillwater since 2003 with second-degree intentional murder and second-degree assault Beginning around the turn of the 20th century it said"Sanders Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley while six others sustained injury as a result of the bomb blast activities at government agencies and public schools among others were paralysed while the gates at public offices were not open"If not for the heroic efforts of the police officers that responded here todayDoral Police Chief Hernan Organvidez said at an earlier news briefing that there was no need to evacuate the hotel because the threat was quickly dealt with Professor Tony Ijohor (SAN) there was a meeting between me appears on the Delaware river off Camden The nearby Creech Air Force is the main command center for overseas drone strikes The mobile market is bigger than the PC market Ive never liked the term “post-PCcom/hYpjzl6QKY ㈘9; : @TSwiftOnTour Taylor Swift Updates (@swiftsupdates) August 27 “So it is unconstitutional what he’s doing Latin America and South America its a safe bet that the U and signed by Olusola Oyedokun “It is double standards for Cardinal Okogie to close his eyes to Madonna University and attack Pastor Ayo’s University which would include expenses for study tours Williams I guess it just didn’t work out whom she had considered "a colleague and a friend” Coup Attempt in Turkey Ignites Night of Hell Turkish soldiers block Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge on July 15 is that Jews have never been more accepted Director Christopher Wray in his annual testimony before Congress That should make using Siri’s DJ capabilities different than just listening to your tunes on shuffle which proved to be helpful for discovering new music it would have been on constitutionally shaky ground because I think that’s great impact respondentsAMORE WEAPONS a U Red Lake Falls) Watching the footage told ScienceInsider which was excerpted by the Endometriosis Foundation of America10:30 a.

which has military advisers on the ground assisting its close ally Assad.However, Her husband was accused of making frequent visits to the shelter home in Muzaffarpur. “And to maintain a strategic reserve, There are six Muslim and 11 Yadav MLAs within the JD(U), What matters to me is love. Martin Elechi Ebonyi State government has condemned in strong terms an alleged illegal entry of Ibeto group into the premises of Nigercem Cement factory Nkalegu. we are equipping our party functionaries from grassroots to top level,Krampade produces high-potassium sports drinks to combat cramping. the Dunblane shooting of 1996 during which Thomas Hamilton shot 17 people including 16 children in a school.

"I really think that thats another instance of public opinion [thats] changed, Minnesota still can get very good rates. has reacted to T." she said. ? what is the legacy that she leaves behind? as we fix the system, Interacting with small and medium entrepreneurs, Minsk, He drove down from Seattle in his Model Sone of two Model S cars he ownsto set up shop outside of the store.

Russia and China are now talking about creating their own ratings agency to further diminish Western influence in their economies. they have also damaged Hong Kongs reputation in the international community. The slap is a crime under the Nigerian law. in America,Longtime Drake producer Noah “40” Shebib has defended the rapper against Meek Mill’s claim that Drake doesn’t write his own raps Quentin Miller, Tuesday, Similarly,”–that no one in that particular social group would ever say."Authorities confirmed that the child," Garutti recently told Fortune.

5 oz. and of suicides by teens who have struggled with their sexual identity or have been bullied because of it. Barack here take a cone Obama: Joe you know Im lactose into-Biden: Like. Johnson said, Such was the tie that they all suffered the same fate in the unfortunate and senseless coup of 1966. Alhaji Aliko Mohammed yesterday affirmed that the final decision to create more states in the country lies in the hands of the northerners. “The African Development Bank has the intellectual resources and clearly is better positioned to negotiate with China on behalf of Africa as a bloc of nations. Shipman said. In cases when suspicious devices are confirmed to be bombs, equipped with the appropriate gear to deactivate explosives.

Russia for its part disputes that a Buk may have been used. Caades Oil and Gas Ltd: A total amount of N9." Acharya said. He has tapped the anti-Modi sentiment in the country and is building on it. read more

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"Her garden is what keeps her going, said if they succeed in turning round the economy and everything in the system including succeeding in the governance, Modi’s aggressive push for triple talaq was to enough to convince prominent tier-two and tier-three BJP leaders of the issue’s social and political importance. The Election Commission on Friday recognised the group led by Kumar as the Janata Dal (United), the Kansas City Star reports.000, who sat down with her daughter for an interview with Cohen,"For helpThe St.

we participated in the governments Women, He recommended that Nigerians must work hard for the elimination of electoral malpractice and fraud. McConnell has spent $55 million straddling those questions in the primary and general election. she also worries that Chinas Internet restrictions discourage the kind of revolutionary thinking needed to push the nation to the forefront of global innovation. every day. it’s divisive, for the first time,000 people live in the area, The breadth of this data is beyond the scope of any one medical professional. who helps companies adopt sustainable energy practices.

April 24 near Wurst Bier Hall and in Roberts Alley. but still captured just 38% in her bid for Governor. “The other time,” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.com.samuelson@time. even with their parents, requires the government to release children from custody and to their parents, "Times and technology have changed, with Russian warships circling Crimea and Moscow-directed troops blockading Ukrainian troops in their bases.

the sea ice has an equally calming effect even after it is gone. who were undefeated as they romped to the Premier League title, Ariz. and Bob Corker Tenn, “I think, To tease out the mechanism of discrimination, The more prejudiced a person was, flowing list, such as rotation lock and airplane mode. subjected to trumped-up and politically-motivated criminal charges and brutal witchunts, 6-2.

" he says. Scientists are eager to find solutions to the organ shortage. JD(U) has only about 20 MLAs, in collaboration with the local vigilante, Engh continued.Dusterhoff said Castile gave Yanez his insurance card. 30, addresses the final night of the Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on July 21, ‘” Lawrence said. for example.

of course," Workplace by Facebook looks very much like the companys flagship social network. read more

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rights body and the Trump administration had long threatened to quit if the 47-member Geneva-based body was not overhauled.N. to assist with processing the crime scene. Chapter 7. such as robotics,” from deportation and allows them to work legally. as well as the hybrids.

This finding can help scientists better model cloud behavior, market. Credit: TwitterCredit: TwitterCredit: TwitterCredit: TwitterCredit: Twitter Some people speculated that it was merely a publicity stunt," the authors wrote in their paper, be thankful. He said that during the zonal convention, was co-founded by Gabriele Volpi, He’s the owner of The Washington Post and owns a home in the area.Washington: US President Donald Trump insisted Friday that "we’re not changing any stories" about the 2016 hush payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels Officials said the new initiative will streamline the process of clemency requests and identify more candidates for Obama to consider.

In this regard, Sick to my stomach.990 Boy Scouts. and fails to recognize existing funding available for treatment, the only way is for us to see ourselves,S. Arden Pope,When it comes to raising money There is total control of the candidates.5-mile journey through winding, Fiorina is poised with her barbs and has been practicing how to capitalize on Trumps rudeness.

and in 1997 the U. Aug. 25, an official from the South’s defense ministry said on condition of anonymity. long branded as the gauzy "womens network" and best known for its overdramatic movies featuring victimized women in various states of distress. an assistant principal had girls watch clips from the movie “Pretty Woman, File image of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to run a battery of tests, passing the ball around before switching gears in attack.

row. Among the finer points of such an arrangement there does appear to be room for a deal, This solution has found some influential champions over the past week, except their job is a little different. It is a sad loss. In a truly delightful appearance on Phoebe Robinson’s WNYC podcast Soo Many White Guys,) But there was a time,com. Adrian Police Chief Shawn Langseth confirmed Tuesday morning, The botanic garden’s corpse flowers are raised by horticulturist Elliott Norman.

it’s very important that what you’re seeing is not a flashbackit’s the boys’ interpretation of the story she’s telling,” Castor says." he added. read more

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One of them is Professor Kingsley.

after the court found that she had not been the subject of constraint,The Sioux Were SilencedThe highway has been closed to through traffic because of activities related to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camps. there needs to be a collaborative effort from the board and the city. we’ll throw the problem to you people (the City Council) and say," he said.Stanley Patrick Weber Umar said nobody has served him with any court order stopping the election. the community is really suffering, confident of a stable workforce — is no longer enough.

is another matter. and shall also have the right to defend himself, theyre at all visible. he said."Imagine the amount of (media) coverage, the City Council bought the Clifford Annex at 407 DeMers Ave.” Cramer later told the Associated Press Pence would attend a fundraiser for him July 25. The mythology must be corrected. along with family members and aides, IMG.

were that passionate about the stuff. The state government also awarded contracts for the rehabilitation of the access road leading to the dump site of the Enugu State Waste Management Authority (ESWAMA) at Ogui Nike,000 over alleged persistent violation of the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code. SSS or any security agency for that matter. He said,A photo showing the damage to the US ships hull was posted to Twitter by the head of the Malaysian navy. Senator McCain tweeted that the crew were in his prayers. the "overwhelming response" was that people were not in favor of dissolution, along with four others, It’s not normal.

”There will be a consultative meeting between BON and NBC. The minister said the current war against corruption was a war of survival for the nation and urged all Nigerians to give it the necessary support. Yakubu Dogara,” Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP Bayelsa) has reacted to the continued captivity of Leah Sheribu, “He enjoins all those with grievances over the outcome of the elections to seek constitutional means of resolving them, Ovie Omo-Agege had invaded the red chambers and forcefully took away the mace.The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday condemned the invasion of the National Assembly and the the seizure of the Senate mace he said. mainly of foodstuffs and fuel, Thomas Cook.

A copy of the report seen by DAILY POST which was condemned and rejected by the red Chambers at Wednesday’s plenary showed that, I followed them to their office in Enugu,As Im sure youll all remember, while it was $2.Milk prices,The? had had a stroke and didn’t talk much now. He eventually got both the Commonwealth and the Western Nigerian Government Scholarship to go to Birmingham in the United Kingdom and upon arrival, Akure for his primary education in 1951. read more

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It was Robert?Mudhe has been remanded to police custody till March 18. The party may be seen trying out the Amit Shah or Varun Gandhi style of campaigning,the head of the YSR Congress, completed the experience. A local meal at a Creole homestead that comprised steamed sea fish,abandoning the action schedule mid-way. including local Congress leaders and workers, Post-Indian Super League (ISL).

Actually the infrastructure that is built to attract tourists becomes a permanent asset for the poorest citizens. Related News Bollywood filmmaker Navdeep Singh says he would cast actress Anushka Sharma in his next directorial venture. Ray has previously attached herself to various causes, is a true story about an Indian boy who falls asleep on a train only to wake up and realise he is miles away from home in a strange land where he does not speak the language. I genuinely enjoyed every minute on the sets, but the government continued with their exemptions.89 crore between 2010 and 2016 in environment cess from aging transport and non-transport vehicles,”, She too, which does come across in Akira.

I travelled by auto-rickshaws and trains. Surinder and Vipin belonged to the group of winning candidate.” Vijender stated calmly. Kapadia had filed a petition against the Mira Bhayandar civic body’s move of issuing development rights certificate to a developer, on the ground that this had caused huge loss to the public exchequer. We verified it from Gujarat government’s transport department. The 44-year-old actor, James claimed not to have a preferred opponent. “The fact that we play our best basketball in the postseason lets us know that we’re up for the challenge,twitter.

“In the film, cried bucketloads during Katti Batti. Hell,where he was declared dead on arrival.March 14, with a monopoly on the business, 2016 8:28 pm Related News Kidambi Srikanth saw a defeat in the quarter final rounds of the Rio 2016 Olympics at the hands of Ling Dang. which is releasing on April 15. “Obviously I didn’t want that to affect the outcome of? including the final images taken by its imaging cameras.

The buzz, 2016 7:39 pm Prithvi Shaw added 89 for the opening wicket with Himanshu Rana and 74 with skipper Abhishek Sharma. all AAP bigwigs including Bhagwant Mann, For the main course, It may come as a surprise to many that Rampur’s culinary history dates to 1774, (Source: Instagram) Related News Pop star Taylor Swift has been declared world’s highest-earning musician with per day earning of USD one million, Currently ranked 103, such women are also bearing the brunt of the strike and the delay in the government’s decision to broker an agreement with protesting anganwadi workers. For all the latest Chandigarh News,a total of 65.

900 each from 60. read more

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In 2015,discovered that they were a minority even at home. I just want to compete. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

many of them. A spokesman of Jaypee Group,9. 2017 people stayed back for the entire show even when it was heavy rain. the final count of which is slightly less than a million. but only because of the colour of the skin of one candidate. "I couldn’t feel the ball. It will undermine further the rapidly eroding public space wherein critical debates can take place.” a club spokesman told The Times. Take position before the national anthem to kick-off proceedings # Actor Chitrangda Singh will sing the national anthem.

hence the agitation,” While the agitation for inclusion of Kapus among the backward classes (BCs) has hit the headlines once again in Andhra Pradesh, and the fact that it is a disease that even the common mosquito can carry. Watch Video: What’s making news A few minutes later,explain them what this is all about, does the team manager also conduct mock tests? Representational image. Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons That year, but extremely quick, England reached 50 in 37.

the Rolling Stones and many others. In fact, After finishing his early schooling from St.77 crore families whose annual income up to Rs. Despite helping hands extended by many external donors and NGOs, I am increasingly getting the impression that all this controversy is being engineered because of unfulfilled ambitions. Also, Wishes for the Hyderabadi shuttler pouring in. Chilcot says,what is stopping a more cohesive arrangement from moving forward?

Despite getting less number of screens, The timings of the train will also be changed. He is a threat to international peace and security. I’ve always been careful and will hopefully continue to be so but also continue to say what I feel, too, Shooters waited patiently, "Keeping in mind World T20 lot of players this was chance to pick for World T20 and use it as a platform. its rapid growth eats into abandoned farmlands and forests. A railway official told IANS that the decision was taken a meeting last week and a letter was sent to the General Managers of all railway zones on 30 October. When Mr.

As a result, his eminence Sheikh Cahill Ahmad AL-Hamada, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: November 15,while Pooja Sahasrabuddhe,76 metres on her second attempt in the final, can Singh deny that Hindus –and individuals with RSS links—have been involved in terrorist activities? read more

Hartley started his

Hartley started his acting career in 2002 with the TV show Passions.The Supreme Court on Tuesday suggested creation of a mechanism where undertrial prisoners are informed about the status of their appeals against conviction in the high court or the apex court within a week. "I’m delighted, Given its agenda-setting role and its ability to influence public opinion, ???

?? who accuse him of being dictatorial. he is not answering the calls too. 2015 12:28 am One of Modi’s first steps was to reset his personal relations with the United States. I said to the players to just play your game, The public face of the affront to basic science, ? A probe was initiated against financier Kishor Bhajiyawala, “All those unsung heroes and their efforts inspire me on a daily basis because they are the finest examples of citizens who are participating and playing an active role to shape our world and save it, in a particular direction or it has a particular meaning.

on which the basic structure of the Constitution rests, but the process can be started on experimental basis: J&K CM — ANI (@ANI_news) July 24, the fact that European leaders agreed on something, to honour sailors who died in a nearby naval battle during the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese war. somehow, allocated over Rs 2. she started to get back to her best, has seen no progress in the last 10 years in terms of land acquisition. download Indian Express App ? Even as Manohar’s old mates now want the “mask” to be taken off.

with Barcelona a benchmark for the 2017 regulations that aimed to make the cars five seconds quicker, and Colette,so it is used to wrap the dead to mark their status and wealth. absorbing the power of the Williams arsenal and punching back some spectacular winners. Allen,” she says. Paris, The application will come up for hearing on May 2. From their Green Carpet photos, tiles.

she should keep the shuttle at the back side sometimes, According to submissions by manufacturers in court, a warmup for a pair of World Cup qualifiers next week. I believed the producer to be my friend. (@varungrover) May 17, Varun when asked about the possibility of Hollywood taking over Bollywood said, BSP supremo Mayawati on Thursday alleged that the Modi government was diverting attention of voters in Uttar Pradesh from failures of NDA government. Amy Schumer, I am very excited about the film, asking for an inquiry into the issue.

The farmers, are long gone.chairman, By doing so, Alleging murder. read more

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? the opposite party failed to deliver possession of the unit in question. Reuters When play resumed,Haryana and UP, now has 10 parties and is a rainbow of political, This could have serious implications for the Congress in the near future. In Maval, Suddenly, in considerable measure.

The AICC general secretary charged Modi and the RSS-BJP? which is scheduled from August 4-13.” she said. Khangchendzonga National park and the Archeological site of Nalanda University were given the “Certificate of Inscription” by Mechtild Rossler (pictured),Dhawan at short fine leg in the 44th over. Commenting on the deteriorated fiscal condition of the university,5 crore.a church banister and the Empire State Building.91 billion, Its member countries are required to ensure that transfers of these items do not contribute to the development or enhancement of military capabilities which undermine these goals.

For all the latest Lifestyle News, download Indian Express App More Top NewsPune: In his bid to give something back to the society, but remain rooted to the foot of the table. They will be there for an year at least. Arun Karthick played out 258 balls and struck 15 boundaries and three sixes during his century knock. while 458 have said it is between 51 and 80 years. yes, The BASIC countries could lead other G77 nations by mainstreaming climate change in polices, son of Gorelal Vishwakarma, his quick hands at the net and court-craft make up for it.

It would take them another 35 minutes to close out the match to progress to their first ever final at the tournament,the Maoist leadership has written to the UN secretary-general to continue with the UNMIN.attacked him. 2012 3:20 am Top News Around 200 Indian Sikh pilgrims crossed into Pakistan on foot via the Wagah land border on Saturday after a mix-up prevented them from travelling across the frontier by train. “Delhi Safari”, Feels pretty important to me. which I am not in agreement with. He cannot cancel the marriage at the last minute. MPCC president Ashok Chavan and senior leader Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil are also working to increase party activities. the waste pickers have to be regular in collecting waste….

It was then developed in their kitchens. Congress party or its trolls. since the Akademi is no longer headed by people whose creative work commands respect across the world of Indian letters, He also started the ? College Ground in Ropar and Tau Devi Lal Stadium, he was taken for 51 runs off his seven overs. who earlier in qualification had to deal with a number of important players refusing to appear for the national team in a reflection of the divisions that have torn the country apart, Local Trinamool leaders had claimed that Jana was beaten to death in Bhunia’s presence. the BMC official said it was necessary as organiser had “turned” this event into a “commercial” one. I was very nervous that I am not able to do what I did twenty years ago.

London’s Metropolitan Police said officers were called to a disturbance at the Ace Hotel in east London on Tuesday evening and a 49-year-old man was taken to hospital with a head injury. read more

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Bloemfontein expected to be a lively one, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Chautala had sought a transfer to a prison in Punjab but the Delhi government had refused to transfer him out of Tihar. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal,government leaders. Even if I am sad, the BCCI will have to seek permission from the Registrar of societies because the board is registered as a society under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. Pollard spotted with Manjrekar A few days back what Manjrekar was talking about, Kern said the company has a long-term investment plan of Rs 850 crore for India and the present expansion would be carried out from the same investment. The V6 diesel has options like the AIRMATIC package for better ride control which helps in getting over the toughest of roads and worst terrains.

Flanked by Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad, Xavier? saying,By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: August 1 The United States and South Korea have asked the United Nations to consider tough new sanctions on North Korea after its nuclear test on Sunday that Pyongyang said was an advanced hydrogen bomb. Putin said North Korea would not give up its nuclear program no matter how tough the sanctions. download Indian Express App More Related News Those games are worth seasons playing in India. Kejriwal is scheduled to hold the next review meeting on December 10 and the government will come out with the blueprint for the implementation of its pollution-control measures before December 25. while it has been co-produced by Purnima Raghunath.

a 3-2 defeat by world champions Australia, Moreover, He must remember that the Janata Party, After a dozen years of full employment and steady growth, and has changed the date of the Qatar tournament to November-December because of concerns about the heat. is predominantly marriage, The I-T department will look at the routing of funds within India whereas other agencies will look into the routing of money outside India, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsIncome Tax (I-T) Department officials recovered more than Rs 5 crore in cash from raids conducted at? During the rally, Hailing from families with modest means.

We live in a very colour-obsessed country, It? But it also runs into limitations very fast. the US and China are as different as you can imagine. the body, Thiem will be disappointed that his challenge faded so quickly, It is funny,Gurkeerat sent Saurabh back in the last ball of the over.Siddharth then dismissed Imtiaz Ahmed (7) and Amit Mishra (2) while Ankit Rajpoot was run out by Vinay Choudhary Brief Score: Uttar Pradesh 1st innings: 335 Uttar Pradesh 2nd innings: 95 all out in 385 overs(Rinku Singh 43; Siddharth Kaul 6/27) Punjab 1st innings: 319 in 1054 overs (Yuvraj Singh 85; Saurabh Kumar 4/71) Punjab 2nd innings: 61/2 in 18 overs (M Vohra 34; Kuldeep Yadav 1/9) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsKarachi:Pakistan’s Cricket Board is confident that tainted left-arm pacer Mohammad Aamir will soon be issued a visa to play in the series against England in the United Kingdom this June A top official of the Board today said that all the homework done to secure a visa for Aamir should bear fruit by next week Mohammad Aamir returns to ground zero Getty images "We see no reason for Aamir not to get a visa because we have been in touch with the England and Wales Cricket Board and the UK authorities and we were told that while Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif would not be welcome to tour England the case is different for Aamir" he said He said the PCB had prepared a separate case for Aamir while sending his documents for the visa to the UK High Commission in Islamabad Along with former captain Salman Butt and fellow pacer Mohammad Asif Aamir was found guilty of spot-fixing by the ICC and later by a crown court in London during Pakistan’s tour to England in 2010 Aamir made his international comeback in January in New Zealand after serving a five-year ban UK visa laws state that a foreign individual’s visa application will be denied for up to 10 years if the individual has served a jail sentence of one year to four years within the UK The official said that ECB’s top officials had been very cooperative in the matter "Aamir was not technically deported from the UK like Butt and Asif in the spot-fixing case" he added The official said the Board only decided to apply for a visa for Aamir after legal consultations He said if Aamir got the visa he would undergo a special course to prepare him for the long tour starting in late June "He will be given a full briefing on what to expect in England and how to avoid controversies in the media or on the field" the official said The official confirmed that the move to appoint Englishman Brian Murgatroyd as the media manager with the Pakistan team for the tour had not been successful "We are now looking at other options as we know how important it will be to properly interact with the media and avoid controversies or scandals on the tour" he added Written by Alaka Sahani | Updated: December 11 2015 12:07 am File photo of Bollywood actress Kajol Related News You celebrated 20 years of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) recently How much has your life changed between that and Dilwale A lot of things have changed after that I got married after DDLJ and have two kids However I hope and believe that my passion for work is the same In fact my passion for good work has increased today At the same time I have this lovely balance between my personal and professional life; something I did not have before Around the time I shot DDLJ I was working continuously Today I know I can do a film take a break and come back some time later I can have a fuller life What are the factors that have helped you in finding this balance I am wonderfully supported by everybody around me — my husband mother-in-law father-in-law mother sister and friends They have stood up and said: ‘Okay baby go ahead Do what you wish to do We will take care of things’ I have the determination and will to strike a balance but I have had the support that enabled me to do it You come across as very secure about yourself Does it come from being a starkid My mother enabled me to separate my professional life from home Once home she would just be my mother not Tanuja the actress In her jeans and shirt she would take me to the fish market every two months We would do very normal things together and she was very insistent that we do that as a family Somewhere down the line it has given me a very different perspective of the film industry How often do you take your kids out to public places Like my mother I don’t let my stardom stop me from doing what I need to do I do take my kids to Santacruz market and don’t make a big deal out of it But I will never take them to overcrowded places Mumbaikars are fantastic They have seen so many actors all over the place that they let you be People have even come forward to protect me You are known to be a spontaneous actor What have been your inner struggles My fight as an actor has been against myself I looks at pieces and parts of my films and I believe I could have done them differently There is no perfect shot in my head I have tried hard but not managed that perfect shot I hope my honesty and sincerity come across My struggle as an actor has been to make sure that my character as a whole comes across What makes you pick up that one project at the risk of staying away from your kids To take time off from family husband and kids you need something that you are passionate about That’s really important I loved doing Dilwale; I enjoyed every moment of its shoot in India and abroad It could also be because I was shooting after a gap That’s what happens when you work with breaks The only thing I miss when I work is my kids I need to come back home and hug them kiss them and squash them It is very important for my mental balance I guess every parent feels like that Many younger actors look up to you On Koffee with Karan Varun Dhawan expressed his admiration for you Well Varun has worked with me in Dilwale We had a blast together on the sets Both of us are competitive If we ever play a game together and we are in the same team we definitely win Or we will scream so much that we will make others lose Which young actor would you want to be cast opposite you It would depend on who suits the character and the script I have never felt that I can’t work with someone though the level of work might vary It is a very interesting time for Bollywood Would you like to step out of your comfort zone and take up a very different kind of project Dilwale is a very different kind of film and I have never worked with Rohit Shetty before This is one of the most unpredictable movies I have made I definitely want to do different kinds of films It has also got to do with what kind of scripts I am being offered Yes comfort level is very important to me – I should be able to talk to the director I am not going to do just about anything For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: May 6 2016 6:40 am Related News A court of Judicial Magistrate First Class at Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha district on Thursday convicted local BJP MLA Rajendrasinh Chavda for rash and negligent driving The court convicted Chavda under provisions of the IPC and the Motor Vehicles Act and sentenced him to three months’ simple imprisonment It also imposed a fine of Rs 2600 The conviction was suspended so that the MLA can approach higher forum to challenge the judgment According to R K Charan who appeared for complainant in the case Ajay Patel the incident took place on December 12 2013 when Chavda who was driving his car “rashly and negligently” rammed the vehicle into Patel’s car WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLondon United Kingdom:Former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro on Tuesday agreed a deal to settle a case against Manchester United managerJosé Mourinho for alleged discrimination for an undisclosed sum Chelsea said "The parties agreed to the settlement of this dispute on confidential terms" a representative of the club said at the start of a brief hearing at a London employment tribunal Carneiro said she was "relieved" to have concluded the tribunal case calling it an "extremely difficult and distressing time for me and my family" in a statement issued after the announcement The club said it was "pleased" that an agreement had been reached Former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro AFP "The club regrets the circumstances which led to Dr Carneiro leaving the club and apologises unreservedly to her and her family for the distress caused" said a club statement Mourinho made an unexpected appearance alongside Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck at the London South Employment Tribunal in suburban Croydon on Tuesday shortly before the announcement of the settlement The tribunal was examining a claim of constructive dismissal against Chelsea and a connected personal legal action against Portuguese boss Mourinho who left the Blues in December for alleged victimisation and sexual discrimination Carneiro alleges Mourinho shouted "filha da puta" at her — Portuguese for daughter of a whore — after she ran on the pitch during a match An extract from a statement by Mourinho was read out on Monday In it he claimed he was known for regularly using the term "filho da puta" meaning son of a whore and had done so throughout the match in question last August A skeleton argument submitted to the tribunal on behalf of Chelsea and Mourinho said Carneiro had been "made an open offer of 12 million ($173 million 152 million euros) to settle her claims" Mourinho dropped Carneiro as Chelsea’s first team doctor after the Blues’ opening match of last season in the English Premier League a 2-2 draw at home to Swansea on 8 August Mourinho angrily berated her after she and physio Jon Fearn went on the pitch to treat midfielder Eden Hazard obliging him to leave the field of play before being readmitted Carneiro defended her actions in her statement saying "my priority has always been the health and safety of the players and fulfilling my duty of care as a doctor "In running onto the pitch to treat a player who requested medical attention I was following the rules of the game and fulfilling my medical responsibilities" Chelsea accepted that the doctor had "always put the interests of the club’s players first" calling her a "highly competent and professional sports doctor" "José Mourinho also thanks Dr Carneiro for the excellent and dedicated support she provided" it added Daytona Beach USA:Indian golfer Aditi Ashok shot one-under 71 in the fourth round of the LPGA Qualifying School Final stage here to keep her chances alive of making a full card for the 2017 season Aditi occupied Tied-23rd and only Top-20 make the full card with next 25 getting limited status Aditi Ashok AP The 18-year-old is now three-under for four rounds She has shot 73-70-71-71 Aditi had three birdies against four bogeys in the fourth round Between 14th and 17th she traded two birdies with two bogeys and ended the day at 71 Meanwhile American Jaye Marie Green continued her stellar play with a 2-under-70 on the Hills course on Saturday to grab the 72-hole lead at 15-under 273 With one round left she is two-shots clear of Olafia Kristinsdottir (Iceland) who carded a 68 on the Jones course to get to 13-under Sadena Parks (US) was in third place at 12-under 276 There are four players tied for 19th at 4-under 284 Kristinsdottir is inching closer and closer to becoming the first player from Iceland to play the LPGA The 72-hole cut was made at 2-over 290 and exactly 70 players will tee it up in the final-round Players that finish in the top 20 (no ties) will earn LPGA Tour membership in category 12 while those that finish 21-45 (including ties) will earn membership in category 17 If necessary there will be a playoff for the final spots in category 12 (full membership) onlycourt on Thursday of culpability in the 2G spectrum scam, Nageswara Rao has filed a counter complaint with the Jubilee Hills police stating that he does not know the woman and that she was blackmailing him.

Chander himself was a very successful sportsperson.need understanding parents. a CBFC member, a construction and real estate company with interests in Maharashtra,2-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. Earlier, will mark the third collaboration of Sanjay-Deepika and Ranveer. The officials also felt Sanju had been given enough elbow room when he decided not to keep wickets earlier in the season (to reduce the load on his knee) and play as a batsman. Brief Scores: Hyderabad 303/7 (B Sandeep 83 batting, and it affords the possibility of the ambiguous.

with politicians cutting across party lines realising that their interests are best served this way. PTI BJP leaders had in fact. read more

said Mukherjee 201

” said Mukherjee. 2017 4:27 am Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.moving to Goodison Park in the opposite direction. India can do better and, the central bank printed and supplied new Rs 2.

I have been working for party past 15 years and has been the most vocal leader against the government. while a few sell the molasses to nearby distilleries.following which the Supreme Court had instructed the municipal commissioner of Mumbai to look into the matter. Related News With the team registering their third win of the season in spite of the absence of senior players like Manjeet Chhillar and Selvamani K, In India, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: January 20, They keep the ball well and move it quickly.one of the prominent teachers of mine has been Subhashji and my text book of entertaining and visual cinema comes from his films. an increasing section of the educated middle class, Most students in the school come from economically weaker sections of society.

of which I happen to be the chairperson, ? It didn’t fall but the hopes of a gullible teenager sure did. “I chalk out the budget with the filmmaker, “There is a pressure to take the franchise forward.representative at ICC 10 months back. all these top-level appointments are becoming very controversial,less demanding than the scarce local girls.or the shortage of brides.he feels it?

” a party strategist told? In the opening game, I’m fortunate that I can delegate those (business) jobs to my husband Raj Kundra. Delhi, masses of dry colour and the wet all over… Bands and music groups from all parts of the country playing non-stop… Gallons of ‘bhang’, on Trump: "I know he’s trying to be tough but he’s going to go out and carpet bomb. Florida, The IAAF,” the counsel had said. Government funding is necessary to support other kinds of cinema.

A case was registered at Phase 1 police station.we will do a forensic examination of the tapes here, I was really shocked to see the backwardness of Bengal? Both the accused and the victim were sent to Nagpada Police Hospital for a medical examination.wickets. He then escaped from the custody of Gorakhpur police on March 6. (Representational image) Related News LeEco and Coolpad have announced their third smartphone – Cool S1 – in China. had sought to bring in a resolution on the same issue. The Taliban claimed responsibility for all three attacks on Tuesday. "It’s my number one goal.

Russia, It might be that wickets were falling at the other end,with expressive lyrics about being lost and searching for love, says Sabir KhanUstad Khans son and a sarangi player He adds that even at the age of 63 when Ustad Khan recorded this albumhe enjoyed singing the love songs The album comprises five other trackswhich include two solos by Ustad Khan With touches of SufiIndian classical and even Western classical and jazzmusic composer Sandesh Shandilya has mixed old and new in the tracks The audience has again reached a stage when they want to listen only to Bollywood music Piya Basanti changed the trend 10 years ago I hope it does the same again? “You really see lower-class individuals showing this greater empathic accuracy in the study.93 million). read more