No SDF help for JFF women’s league

first_img “I must take back to FIFA a report on the course so that we can help the FA, in this case, Jamaica, with its development. Jamaica has a high tradition in women’s football,” Rodebaugh, a former Mexico women’s footballer, said during the presentation of certificates to coaches who participated in the JFF-JMMB women’s coaching course last week. The JFF’s head of competitions, Raymond Anderson, commented on the duration of the five-a-side tournament. “What the JFF is doing now is to prepare for the next season. We will be having a national five-a-side competition to last four to five weeks,” Anderson said. “It is not about replacing the league, but because of lack of sponsorship, we decided to have a five-a-side, starting in November. We wanted to have a premier league, but as you might be aware, we had challenges,” he added. “Instead of not having a competition this year, we will have an interim one and then have a big competition next year. “You might have listened to the president (Ricketts) saying that he wants to have a competition this year. And if the president wants to have a competition in an eleven-a-side format, from the competitions department, which I chair, we will have to make it happen,” he disclosed. Also, the JFF director of operations, public relations, and events, Janice Rose-Brown, disclosed the logistical costs of running a premier league. “It would take about $12 million in sponsorship to assist better with transportation and other things to run the competition properly. We would want to do elements of rebranding and improve the league,” Rose-Brown said. She also said that it would be too late to start the league now. HIGH TRADITION Despite suggestions by Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) president Michael Ricketts that the Women’s Premier League might receive support from the Sports Development Foundation (SDF), there is continued uncertainty about this year’s staging. This is because the SDF’s General Manager, Denzil Wilks, denies any discussions about supporting a full league, preferring instead to assist in development projects. The government-run SDF rescued the league last year as long-time sponsors Sherwin-Williams decided to pull out in 2016. The foundation provided $10 million in sponsorship of the league and knockout competitions, but the lack of sponsorship could force a five-a-side competition instead this year. Ricketts, during a television interview last week, spoke to a regular 11-a-side competition, while indicating the possibility of having a revamped league this year after discussions he had with the SDF. Wilks said he was unaware of any discussion with regard to them again coming forward to sponsor the women’s competitions. “They (JFF) had written to us (SDF) several months ago about sponsorship, but the request was turned down,” Wilks told The Gleaner. “I am aware that they had asked the SDF board, but we would prefer to assist from a development perspective. We don’t think as a government agency, the SDF should be sponsors,” he added. “That is all I know. I have absolutely no information on any discussions between the SDF and JFF on that. I heard about it in the media.” However, speaking at the Presentation of Certificates for the FIFA Women’s Intermediary Coaching Course at the JFF headquarters last Friday, FIFA instructor Andrea Rodebaugh said that there could be possible FIFA support for Jamaica’s women’s football programme.last_img read more


first_imgIt has been brought to the attention of the Daily Observer’s sports desk that the article carried in yesterday’s edition of the newspaper under the headline: Duannah Wants ‘Amputee Lone Star’ to Return Home’ quoting a letter to Youth & Sports Minister Eugene Nagbe was actually written by the president of the World Amputee Federation, Mr. Richard Hoffman of which he (Duannah Siryon) forwarded a copy to the Daily Observer.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img


first_img…on Desmond HoyteOver the weekend, the PNC commemorated the 17th death anniversary of Desmond Hoyte, who’d succeeded Burnham as President back in 1985 – when the former suddenly expired. As PNC leader, Granger has to observe the formalities established before Corbin rigged the 2011 internal PNC elections to make him such. But one wonders what goes through his mind at how the Burnhamites, in general, and he in particular, were treated by Hoyte after he was thrust into the presidency.Hoyte didn’t really have a mass base in the PNC, like say Hamilton Green. The latter was kept out of the Prime Ministership for that very reason – since he could’ve mounted a challenge to Burnham from there. Hoyte was the loyal apparatchik who’d worked in Burnham’s law offices and “taken care of business” in the Elections Commission as the PNC rep in 1967, in preparation for the first rigging of 1968. Hoyte also represented in court most of the bigger thugs who did the PNC’s dirty work in the 1960s.But cognisant of his mass support deficit, Hoyte moved quickly and determinedly to ease out the Burnhamites from positions of power through “deployments”, demotions and dismissals. He moved out Burnham’s two ideologues – first Elvin Mc David to Russia as ambassador, then bypassed David Granger as head of the army by bringing in Joe Singh immediately from the Guyana National Service. He didn’t want any coup from that quarter: he knew Burnham had appointed Granger to the position by pipping several senior officers to head off infiltration by Walter Rodney in 1979. Singh, unlike Granger, couldn’t foment a coup!!The ultimate insult and humiliation was to make Joe Singh as Chief of Staff of the entire Disciplined Forces and appointing Granger as “security advisor” – who was never called upon to give advice!! This was when Granger boned up on history and – even though long in the tooth – was given a US Humphry Fellow to study journalism. Hamilton Green was peripheralised and eventually kicked out after 1992 – only to be rescued in 2015 by – guess who? – Granger!! Viola and Chandisingh were kept in the beginning as symbolic sops to the Burnhamite faithful as Hoyte brought in a slew of “moderates” – who were notable for their lack of a political base – to “democratise” the PNC.On Sunday, Granger bigged up Hoyte for “crafting” the ERP – never mind the IMF imposed its one-size-fits-all neo-liberal, Washington Consensus prescription of stabilisation, privatisation and liberalisation!! The resultant high “growth rates” were because Hoyte removed the Government’s hands from the throat of the economy after controlling “the commanding heights of the economy”.Granger agreed with Green that Hoyte should’ve never accepted the 1992 elections’ results!!…on H2H registrantsToday, we’re supposed to be getting the final numbers of those actually found in their homes – from the 16,339 names whittled out of the 370,000 from the aborted H2H exercise and deemed “new”. From the trends it’s possible that 11,000 might be found – and this raises several interesting questions.First, how many are over 23 – who could’ve voted in 2015 (being at least 18+5) but didn’t – since their names aren’t on the NRR, created in 2001 and updated in the H2H of 2008? Are these phantoms?? Then what happens with those 5000 or so who weren’t “found”?? If we accept the addition of the “found” 11,000 to the RLE, do we then “drop” the 5000 names – which we’re told, we can’t do?? As PNC’s Vincent Alexander insists, in for a penny, in for a pound?? Are these 5000 the PNC’s extra seat?Should we extend the “search parties” exercise for another few days, since it’s more likely everybody will be home for Christmas?…on first oilA friend insists your Eyewitness shouldn’t be using inductive logic on the PNC’s horrible track record on economic development to be so “pessimistic” on oil.So, if the sun’s been rising in the east for eternity, we shouldn’t predict it’ll rise there tomorrow?last_img read more


first_imgStory Links In women’s action, sophomore standout Lucia Stafford (2:45.48) and fifth-year veteran Madeleine Kelly (2:46.95) finished 1-2 in the women’s 1000m. The duo also teamed up with Sarah Kwajafa and Jazz Shukla to win the 4×800 relay in 8:52.23. Fifth-year veteran Sasha Gollish won the women’s 3000m in 9:32.34, while Brittany Salmon led Toronto in the field with a silver medal in the pole vault (3.95m).Competition continues Saturday at 9:00am when the women’s weight throw kicks off day two of the championship. The event can be seen live at, while the event schedule and performance list can be found at Individual Medalists – DAY 1 Lucia Stafford, Toronto (2:45.48) Madelein Kelly, Toronto (2:46.95) Dana Earhart, Guelph (2:47.44)Men’s 1000 Metre Guelph Gryphons (94) Western Mustangs (54) Toronto Varsity Blues (48) Windsor Lancers (41) York Lions (40) Waterloo Warriors (16) McMaster Marauders (14) Ottawa Gee-Gees (3) Wilfred Laurier Golden Hawks (1) Brock Badgers (1) Toronto (8:52.23) Guelph (8:54.42) Ottawa (9:02.4)Men’s 4×800 Metre Marissa Dubois, Guelph (5.89m) Holly Pitters, York (5.87m) Taryn Lamorie, Windsor (5.75m)Women’s 300 Metre Third-year distance specialist Craig Klomp earned the men’s 1000m silver medal in a personal best time of 2:26.67, while Jack Berkshire claimed the 300m silver medal in 34.55 seconds. Women’s Standings (following Day 1) Jack Sheffar, Western (8:23.94) Sergio Raez-Villanueva, McMaster (8:26.69) Connor Black, Guelph (8:27.22)Women’s Pentathlon Mark Bujnowski, Guelph (16.35m) Thomas Nedow, Guelph (15.93m) Brett Boersma, Windsor (15.72m)Women’s Long Jump Joerg Ahne, Waterloo (7.42m) Johnny Balogun, Western (7.15m) Nicholas Fyffe, York (7.04m)Women’s Pole Vault Rachael Wolfs, Windsor (4.12m) Brittany Salmon, Toronto (3.9m) Tessa Hamilton, Guelph (3.75m)Women’s Shot Put The University of Toronto Varsity Blues men sit third, while the women are in fourth after Day 1 of the 2018 OUA track and field championships (Feb. 23) in Windsor, Ont. Anthony Kwan rounded out Toronto’s men’s podium finishes with a bronze medal in the 60m hurdles in 8.36 seconds. Kayden Johnson, York (7.92s) Jackson Cheung, Guelph (8.23s) Anthony Kwan, Toronto (8.36s)Women’s 60 Metre Hurdles Sarah Hammond, Guelph (8.18s) Keira Christie-Galloway, Ottawa (8.31s) Emma Nero, Guelph (8.5s)Men’s Long Jump Men’s Weight Throw Men’s Standings (following Day 1) Sarah Mitton, Windsor (16.82m) Emily Good, Western (13.97m) Stephanie Shapard, Western (13.52m)Women’s 3000 Metre Guelph Gryphons (89) Windsor Lancers (75) Western Mustangs (63) Toronto Varsity Blues (56) York Lions (35) Ottawa Gee-Gees (19) Queen’s Gaels (6) Lakehead Thunderwolves (2) Waterloo Warriors (2) McMaster Marauders (2) Wilfred Laurier Golden Hawks (1) Oonagh Webster, Windsor (3293)  Katie Beaudry, Western (3291) Madeline Rampton Western (3283)Men’s Shot Put Ramzi Abdulahi, Western (34.43s) Jack Berkshire, Toronto (34.55s) Jaiden Brown, Windsor (34.61s)Women’s 4×800 Metre  Print Friendly Version Thomas Land, Guelph (2:26.48) Craig Klomp, Toronto (2:26.67) Mostafa Elkurdy, Guelph (2:26.68)Men’s 60 Metre Hurdles Kelsey Balkwill, Windsor (38.13s) Christy Ihunaegbo, York (39.01s) Morgan Byng, Guelph (39.12s)Men’s 300 Metre Sasha Gollish, Toronto (9:32.34) Danielle Jossinet, Guelph (9:33.08 Kristina Popadich Western (9:33.29)Men’s 3000 Metre Ezana Debalkew, Toronto (17.51m) Drew Erskine, York (15.87m) Jonathan Raspanti, York (15.21m)Women’s 1000 Metre Guelph (7:41.35) Windsor (7:44.12 Western (7:48.21) Leading Toronto’s men was fourth-year veteran Ezana Debalkew, who won the men’s weight throw gold medal with a distance of 17.51m.last_img read more


first_imgNot so safe this time The South Bay, long a lucrative enclave that usually rides out each wave of a downturn, now shows signs of some pain and no gain. In the Inland Empire and Antelope Valley, foreclosures are soaring and causing financial misery for families who just a few months ago celebrated moving into a home. In the San Fernando Valley, sales this year are about 40 percent below year-ago levels and July foreclosures jumped an annual 246.8 percent. And potential buyers across the region are caught in a credit squeeze that began choking off new lending in July and August. When Southern California’s residential real estate market began to slow down, it forced developer John Young to make some tough decisions. In the past year, he’s laid off about 40percent of his workers at Rancho Cucamonga-based Young Homes. “Unfortunately, in our whole division we’ve had layoffs,” said Young, the company’s president. “They’re all over the board. It’s progressively gotten worse.” The deep slump is nearly two years old, and it has brought tough times to people who not that long ago were earning a nice living making, marketing and selling the American Dream. Some markets are suffering more than most, but anyone who still works in real estate-related fields is feeling the pain. This downturn shows no signs of losing steam, and real estate industry veterans and newcomers are either scrambling to stay in business or changing course completely. Taking drastic steps In some instances, drastic measures are needed. Consider the case of Tom Carnahan, who got into the business in 1976 and now owns Carnahan & Associates, a realty company in Woodland Hills. “I’ve written a check from Tom Carnahan to Tom Carnahan & Associates,” the San Fernando Valley businessman said. “In good times, you make money and you put some of those acorns away for hibernation.” More sales declines are expected because getting a home loan now is harder than it’s been in years. “They (buyers) are having rough times right now just because the loan programs are changing by the hour,” said Kelvin Munemitsu, vice president of lender Value Properties in Woodland Hills. “I could have a loan program set up with a major bank in the morning, and by the afternoon that loan program no longer exists.” Calabasas-based D and S Homes Inc., a builder of small projects in the San Fernando Valley area and Mammoth Lakes, had no problem selling new homes a couple of years ago. Innovative marketing is a must now. Stephen Bock, one of the company’s founders, said a price-guarantee program was implemented at the Polk Village, a 28-unit project in Sylmar. The company will stand behind its prices, and if the market falls in 12 months the difference will be made up to buyers, he said. A Prius in the garage At the Grove at Saticoy, eight single-family homes on Saticoy Street in Canoga Park, the company held a concert with local talent and refreshments last month. And the garage comes with a new Toyota Prius. Bock credits his dad with this idea. “Just in the past 10 days we’ve had two sales, and our sales person has appointments for two more. I’m cautiously optimistic that maybe we’ve seen a little bit of a breakthrough,” Bock said. He agrees that this is a challenging time for buyers and sellers, and notes that the company will work with buyers when it comes to the closing costs at the end of escrow. But the pool is shrinking almost daily. “Clearly, people who were buyers six months ago or even two months ago really can’t buy now because of the massive changes in lending policies,” Bock said. Diversify or die Meanwhile, in the South Bay – coastal communities from Torrance to Manhattan Beach – real estate agents, escrow and titling agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers, inspectors – now have somewhat lighter work loads. Rick Izquieta, CEO of Beach Lending Inc. in Redondo Beach, said he is trying to get creative and pursue business avenues that arise in a slower lending market. The Alt-A and subprime loan packages have virtually disappeared, he said. Izquieta is trying to do more BPOs (broker price opinions) and CMAs (comparable market analysis) for banks. Banks are increasingly paying real estate brokers for this kind of analysis and pre-appraisal reports on properties they are positioning for sale. Another pursuit for Izquieta is foreclosure sales. “The biggest problem now is the lending,” Izquieta said. “The question now with buyers is can they get the loan to (buy) the home? I don’t even mention zero down. That’s not even in my vocabulary anymore.” Overall, Izquieta sees more agents, brokers, appraisers, title and escrow officers having to hustle for business in this market. “The market still has the buyers and sellers, but the agents are not as spoiled as they were two years ago,” Izquieta said. “They just sat at their desks and the business just came to them. You’ve got to pick up the phone and make calls. Go into the neighborhood and door knock. Do your marketing. Our job has gone back to a 24/7 job compared with a few years ago when an agent could work two or three days a week to be successful. Now, it’s five to seven days per week.” Property appraiser Jack Alexander works out of his Redondo Beach home after closing his Manhattan Beach office last year. “I went from an office overlooking the pier to now a home office without an assistant,” said Alexander, owner of Pacific Appraisal. “That’s pretty common. I’m lucky to have retained all my people except for my assistant. But now it’s hard to keep up when things get busy without my assistant. But those days are few and far between.” Cutting expenses To save money, Alexander has cut down on the number of data sources he uses to determine home prices. In addition, he has stopped advertising on Google. To maintain business in a shrinking market, appraisers have had to settle into niches, said Alexander, whose own niche is appraising real estate held in trusts. Realtor Joyce Reese has spent the past year building up her new Torrance real estate office. She works under the Exit Realty Results franchise she runs with a partner. But in a weak housing market, does it make sense to start a new office? Reese says yes. “What we’re doing now is trying to build our arsenal of agents out there,” Reese said. “We’re trying to take this opportunity to expand. It’s going to weed out some of the weaker agents.”160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Jail time for actor Kiefer Sutherland?

first_imgKiefer Sutherland pleaded no contest Tuesday to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge, and prosecutors said they will seek jail time for the “24” star, who was also prosecuted for DUI in 2004. The 40-year-old actor entered his plea to driving with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or above through defense lawyer Blair Berk, according to Frank Mateljan of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. Sutherland will be required to be in court for his Dec. 21 sentencing hearing at the Metropolitan Branch Courthouse, Mateljan said. A sentencing recommendation filed Tuesday asks for Sutherland to be “remanded into the custody of the Los Angeles County sheriff” on Dec. 21 in lieu of $50,000 bail, pending a Jan. 7 hearing on whether he violated his probation in the 2004 DUI case. — be barred from driving any vehicle before next May 9; — serve five years probation; and — pay a $510 fine plus penalty assessments. The Emmy Award-winning actor was charged Sept. 28 in connection with his arrest at the scene of a traffic stop shortly after 1 a.m. Sept. 25 at La Cienega and Beverly boulevards. “Kiefer made clear to us at the time of his arrest that his first concern was the welfare of those he worked with and that he intended to do whatever was necessary to prevent shutting down the show because of his situation,” according to a statement from Fox Broadcasting, which airs “24.” “He told us that even if he had to sacrifice more time in custody in order to protect the show and the jobs of those who work with him, he would do so. From what occurred today, it is evident he is a man of his word.” The Los Angeles-born star was sentenced in 2004 to five years probation, 50 hours of community service and ordered to complete an alcohol program. Sutherland is the son of actor Donald Sutherland, star of the new ABC series “Dirty Sexy Money,” and singer Shirley Douglas. ——————————————– For the latest news and observations on crime in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, check out the Daily News’ crime blog by clicking here.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREChargers go winless in AFC West with season-ending loss in Kansas City Supervising Assistant City Attorney Ellen A. Sarmiento and Assistant City Attorney Dan F. Jeffries are asking that Sutherland’s probation be reinstated in the 2004 case if he remains jailed from Dec. 21 to Jan. 7, and that he be given credit for 18 days actually served — with no release under an electronic monitoring program. Their sentencing recommendation also calls for Superior Court Judge Stuart M. Rice to order Sutherland to serve an additional 30 days in a Los Angeles County jail facility or an acceptable city jail facility by next July 1, in connection with the new DUI charge. The prosecutors also want the judge to order Sutherland to: — complete an 18-month alcohol education program; — attend six months of weekly alcohol therapy sessions;last_img read more

Head-swatting case still high (melo)drama

first_imgThus the stage was set for Wednesday’s contempt hearing, which turned into a mini-trial with all the drama of a criminal case. Dewitt’s attorneys – three of them – began by arguing that Barry should recuse himself because he was biased. Barry, sporting a white beard and a lime-green bow tie, tartly refused. Dewitt’s lawyers called three witnesses – an attorney, a friend who had accompanied Dewitt to court, and Dewitt. Each testified that on the day in question, Dewitt arrived in court to find Schaefer and her supporters already seated. Dewitt sat on the opposite side of the courtroom in an effort to avoid unpleasantness. When the case was called, they had to cross paths to take their seats at the counsel table. Once the hearing was over, Dewitt’s attorney, Casey Olsen, told her to retrieve her purse. She walked behind Schaefer, prompting the outcry from the gallery and the ire of the judge. Without question, Dewitt passed closer than 9 feet from Schaefer. But Dewitt’s attorneys attempted to show that the violation was not deliberate. “Did you have any intention to disrespect the court?” “No.” “Did you have any intention to harass, vex or annoy the plaintiff?” Dewitt’s attorney inquired. “No,” Dewitt testified. Barry, who had initially seemed annoyed that his time was being used in this way, began to get into the spirit of the proceedings and did his own cross-examination. Then he issued his ruling on whether he would hold Dewitt in contempt. “The court has heard the evidence and considered the matter with some care,” Barry said. “What excuses Ms. Dewitt’s conduct is only one thing: Olsen told her to get her purse. I think Mr. Olsen was being thoughtless. That takes it out of `willful disregard.’ I’m not going to do it. Ms. Dewitt, I think this has taught you about the seriousness of the process.” Indeed, all had learned a lesson about the gravity of the issues at hand. There was only one problem left: How would Schaefer and Dewitt get out of the courtroom? Barry ordered Schaefer and her coterie to leave first. Once they were in the elevator, Dewitt and her supporters were told to go. Schaefer declined to comment, though her husband, Jim, did take issue with one portion of the testimony: “They were in the courtroom first,” he said. Dewitt said she was relieved to have this behind her, though she still faces a criminal trial on the battery charge, which is scheduled for November. “This is politics,” Dewitt said. “It’s unfortunate the taxpayers are paying for all these appearances.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! CARSON: Former councilwoman returns to court after breaking 9-foot restraining order. By Gene Maddaus STAFF WRITER Eight months after Carson became a national laughingstock when Vera Dewitt swatted Jan Schaefer in the head with a sheaf of papers, Schaefer’s shriek of agony is still echoing in the courts. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Who could forget the moment, immortalized on YouTube, when the former councilwoman whacked the city commissioner during a February council meeting? Schaefer hesitated before screaming and rolling on the floor, offering instant talk-show fodder and an unintentional summation of all that is childish in Carson politics. The two combatants have neither forgotten, nor forgiven. Schaefer, a staunch ally of Mayor Jim Dear, got a restraining order against Dewitt, barring her from coming within three yards. Dewitt, who has poured $45,000 into an effort to recall Dear, was charged with misdemeanor battery. Then, after a court hearing last month, Dewitt made the mistake of walking behind Schaefer’s chair to retrieve her purse. “Nine feet! Nine feet!” Schaefer’s supporters shouted, perhaps trying to warn her of another imminent swatting. “She did it again! She did it again!” Compton Superior Court Judge William Barry, who had just reminded Schaefer and Dewitt to stay away from each other, became angry with Dewitt and ordered her to return to answer a contempt charge. last_img

Job Vacancy: Bookkeeper sought by Ballybofey company

first_imgJob Vacancy:  A vacancy has arisen for an experienced bookkeeper at Mc Hugh Bros (Builders) Ltd. in Ballybofey.Duties to include but not limited to:BookkeepingVATPayrollsOffice AdministrationA minimum of five years experience is essential. The successful candidate will be computer literate, highly proficient in using Sage, and must be capable of working on their own initiative.To apply for this role, please send a CV to mchughbros@gmail.comJob Vacancy: Bookkeeper sought by Ballybofey company was last modified: December 4th, 2018 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:accounts assistantballybofey jobsBookkeeperfinance jobslast_img read more

Sportsday Podcast on talkSPORT 2: November 15, 2016

first_imgThis Tuesday morning on Sportsday we look ahead to England vs Spain tonight at Wembley. Ahead of the match there are reports that the FA have drawn up a £1.5 million-a-year contract until 2020 that they will offer Gareth Southgate after tonight’s match. We also discuss Daniel Sturridge and his Liverpool future, according to the Daily Mirror Sturridge is ready to quit Liverpool.And we also bring you the latest from the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 as Andy Murray kicked off his campaign with a win over Marin Cilic. All brought to you by Will Gavin and the team.last_img

Chelsea have made a move for star Spurs centre-back who’s said to be unsettled

first_imgChelsea are ready to pounce on Toby Alderweireld’s alleged discontent at Tottenham Hotspur and have made an inquiry over his availability.Following Danny Rose’s controversial interview in The Sun – in which he suggested he isn’t being paid his worth at Spurs – the wages of Mauricio Pochettino’s players have been a hot topic.It was said that Rose’s comments had sparked something of a dressing room revolt at Tottenham, with it claimed the left-back was applauded by his team-mates when he next arrived at training.One of those players to applaud may well have been Alderweireld.Duncan Castles, reporting in The Sunday Times, claims the centre-back is ‘dissatisfied with his financial terms’ and therefore open to listening to offers outside of the club.The Belgium international currently earns a basic salary of £49,000-a-week, and discussions over an improved deal have so far proved fruitless, with Daniel Levy unwilling to break his wage cap of £80,000-per-week.Castles states that Chelsea, who want to strengthen at centre-back, have approached Tottenham, as have Manchester City and Inter Milan, while the Blues are also keen on Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk. Toby Alderweireld 1last_img read more