Ryder Cup spectator loses sight after being hit by ball

first_imgA spectator hit by a tee shot played by US golfer Brooks Koepka during the Ryder Cup has lost sight in her right eye, AFP reported.The woman was struck when the American’s drive veered wide of the fairway on the sixth hole on Friday, the opening day of the event which Europe went on to win. AFP named her as Corine Remande.“Doctor’s told me I had lost the use of that eye,” She told the French news agency, adding she hadn’t felt any pain at the time she was hit.A Reuters reporter had witnessed Remande being tended to by medics, with a heavily bandaged eye. Koepka had stopped to see how she was.A spokesman for the European Tour, a co-organiser of the Ryder Cup event outside Paris, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.last_img

London 2017 | No USA 100m hurdles sweep – Russell-Love

first_imgGillian Russell-Love, the 1998 Commonwealth 100 metre hurdles champion, thinks Jamaica’s Danielle Williams will prevent a US sweep in her event at the World Championships in London. Russell-Love’s picks for the medals are world record holder Kendra Harrison, Williams and Australian star Sally Pearson. Now a TV pundit, the retired two-time Olympian reckons Williams has recovered from a difficult 2016 season. The US has a fine quartet of 100 metres hurdlers in London, but when asked if they can repeat the 1-2-3 finish seen in the Olympic Games last year, Russell replied, “No they don’t, they’re not sweeping Danielle.” Harrison has a history of disappointing runs in big meets, including a non-qualifying 6th place in last year’s US Olympic Trials. However, Russell thinks she will win in London. “Harrison gets it done,” she predicted, “but Danielle is right there behind her, and I think Pearson is third.” Harrison false started at the 2015 World Championships and made an early mistake in the 2016 World Indoor Championships won by teammate and Olympic runner-up Nia Ali. Williams is the reigning World Champion but missed the Olympics after a mid-race error at the 2016 National Senior Championships. “That was a difficult lesson for her, but I think it was necessary in her development,” said the 1997 World Indoor 60 metre hurdles silver medal winner, “so whereas now you saw the Trials where she was running with Megan (Simmonds), Rushelle (Burton) and all those young ladies, she hit hurdles again, but she didn’t panic.” Williams overcame technical problems to set a new personal best of 12.56 seconds to win this year’s Nationals and came close to that time at the Monaco Diamond League meet. “She sorted it out,” surmised Russell-Love in Kingston on August 5. “And now she has gone through to where you saw in Monaco, looking very good,” she concluded. Harrison won the Monaco race in 12.51 seconds, well off her season’s best of 12.28, with Williams third in 12.58 seconds. Williams, 2016 Olympic semi-finalist Simmonds, 2013 World Youth Champion Yanique Thompson and last year’s World Junior runner-up Rushelle Burton will contest the heats of the 100 metre hurdles when they begin on Friday. Now at the University of Texas, Burton has had a long season on the US college circuit. Russell, however, feels that won’t affect the former St Andrew High School and Camperdown High School standout. “She has been through this already, through Champs and then again for the summer,” Russell presented. Burton was in the 2013 World Youth final won by Thompson and extended her season last year to win the World Junior silver medal. With that in mind, Russell, the 1990 and 1992 World Junior Champion reasoned, “she’s always been through this sort of path that our athletes have to go through where they have to do it twice.”last_img read more


first_img…in AFC CampThe desperation in the AFC camp over being thrown on their own by the PNC in the upcoming LGE is developing into a tsunami of panic that’s making them really look foolish. Take the fellow who permanently has that look of a deer in headlights, Nagamootoo’s DPI, and his vicious take on Jagdeo’s call to “take back Guyana” at a LGE meeting at Kitty.Now in politics, what’s the goal of elections campaigning?? Isn’t it to win those elections? And – as the PNC backed by the AFC had done to the PPP – if perchance your opponent had removed you from office, to “take back” that office? What’s sinister about that? It doesn’t even connote the not so veiled threat some time ago by Raphael Trotman – now leader of the AFC but them with the PNC – to “oppose, expose and depose” the PPP!But this state – not Government! – official – who’s supposed to be working for ALL citizens to purvey information for the national good – took it upon himself to interpret Jagdeo’s call in a most incendiary way by invoking the bogeyman of “race politics”. The bottom line is, he claimed Jagdeo wants to “take back” the country for his race group – Indian Guyanese!! Now, what kind of sick mind would want to make such a claim at a time like this?A mind scared witless of being exposed as “dead meat” after the LGE, that’s what!! The PNC has made it clear the AFC isn’t going to be allowed to continue riding the gravy train much longer since whatever support they’d claimed to have brought over in 2015, has looong evaporated. Sinecures like the DPI will be yesterday’s news. So what to do?? The AFC bunch controlled by Nagamootoo, who were placed in charge of information and the media, have clearly decided they’ll prove their “worth” by becoming the attack dogs for the PNC. Every day it’s vitriol against the PPP by the leading wankers!!But what the DPI didn’t realise was the same accusations he’s hurled at the PPP could be turned against the PNC, since the PNC accepted it was an “African” party when it coalesced with the AFC to bring in some “Indian” votes. So when President Granger talked of winning the 2015 elections, he was actually talking of winning it for his race group? Well his actions since he became President certainly confirm that thesis, doesn’t it? Starting with giving Nagamootoo “larwah” rather than a beefed-up Prime Ministership! And making Khemraj Ramjattan into a (security) rubber stamp.C’mon AFC, there’s another way. You still have those Ministries and you can really do some damage!Grow a pair and stand up to the PNC!!…in the prisonsIf it’s another year, it’s another prison fiasco!! Three years of PNC/AFC Government and three prison fiascos – and counting!! A riot leaving 18 dead; a fire that burnt down the Camp Street Prison, and now an escape and shootings of prisoners at Lusignan. Let’s not even mention the almost daily interceptions of contraband at all prisons.So who’s in charge, here? The inmates? Well it’s certainly NOT Ramjattan, supposedly the Public Security Minister!! From the time of the original mass killings of prisoners, it was he who’d visited Camp Street and bemoaned the abysmal conditions under which prisoners were incarcerated. So what has he done to ensure that Lusignan, to which most of the prisoners were transferred, was even minimally better??After all, why would he expect a different outcome at Lusignan if nothing was changed? Point of the matter, is Ramjattan is being set up for an early exit – as discussed above! His usefulness is gone and he’ll be thrown away liked a sucked orange!Grow a pair and stand up, na bai?…in the AG’s officeIf it’s another Government case involving AG Basil Williams, then it’s got to be another loss!! The court just ruled it has jurisdiction over the unilateral gerrymandering of LAAs by the PNC!Grow a pair and quit, na?last_img read more

Minister Allicock makes donation to save Arapaimas

first_imgSouth America’s largest freshwater fish, the Arapaima, is rare and, hence, protected by law in Guyana.Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock handing over the money to NRDDB Treasurer Lakeram HaynesIndigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock donated $25,000 to save the fish species which is dying due to the low water levels in the Yupukari River.The situation was brought to the Minister’s attention during a meeting with the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB). The money donated will go towards the purchasing of fuel for boats to go on rescue missions. Conservation International (CI) will also be contributing to the effort. The commitment was made by Technical Director of CI, Rene Edwards to provide the use of the vehicles, a Government Information Agency (GINA) stated.The donation was received by NRDDB Treasurer Lakeram Haynes. Members of the NRDDB thanked Minister Allicock for his support in protecting the fish and committed to acting as quickly as possible to rescue those affected.last_img read more

Sh6.98b worth Rooney is richest EPL player

first_imgRooney and his wife Coleen are jointly worth £64m.The striker and centre-back Ferdinand are two of 24 current Premier League players among the 100 wealthiest sportsmen in Great Britain and Ireland, according to the list which is published tomorrow.David Beckham unsurprisingly tops the lot with a £165m fortune.Michael Owen (£38m) is third among the Premier League players, ahead of Ryan Giggs and Frank Lampard (both £34m).Six Manchester United players are on the list, including Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick and Robin van Persie, who is a new entry with £12m.Steven Gerrard is Liverpool’s richest player with a £33m fortune, with Carlos Tevez (£18m) the richest Manchester City player on the list.But their wealth pales in comparison to that of former England captain Beckham, now playing with Paris St Germain, who is the richest sportsmen in Britain.He sits 11th on the Sunday Times World Sport Rich List, which is headed by Tiger Woods, worth £570m.Beckham’s joint wealth with wife Victoria is rated at £200m.There are two other footballers on the world top 20, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, worth £125m, and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, worth £120m.The Rich List is based on identifiable wealth, including land, property, other assets such as art and racehorses, or significant shares in publicly quoted companies. It excludes bank accounts.-DailyMail0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000LONDON, England, April 28- Wayne Rooney is the richest player in the Barclays Premier League with a personal fortune of £51 million (Approx Sh6.98b), according to the Sunday Times Sport Rich List.The striker, whose wealth has increased from £45m last year, is £9m better off than Manchester United team-mate Rio Ferdinand.last_img read more

Tribute to a Mentor

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECoach Doc Rivers a “fan” from way back of Jazz’s Jordan ClarksonBefore long, the two men worked together as teacher and student, both as officers at the El Segundo Police Department. “I wasn’t even interested in becoming a policeman. It wasn’t even on the radar for me,” Fowler says of what became his career for the past 19 years. “It is so challenging and diverse. It constantly holds my interest. It’s never a boring job.” Fowler, 44, who has worked extensively in undercover narcotics investigations, has written a book to honor his mentor, who died in a car accident in 1992 after 24 years on the El Segundo force. The book, “A Frangible Quest,” published by Texas-based Rabid Press Inc., is available for purchase on Amazon.com. Early in 2008, Fowler will sign his book at the Borders in El Segundo. Using fictionalized names, Fowler tells the story of Court Banister (Fowler) and Mike Daniels (Lunsford). Fowler calls it a “tribute to mentors everywhere.” Rex Fowler will never forget the day Mike Lunsford ran after him with a gun. That was the day Fowler toilet-papered his house. “He thought we were burglars,” said Fowler, who was about 16 at the time. Later, after Fowler went out a couple of times with Lunsford’s daughter, their relationship changed. Lunsford saw something in Fowler and the two became friends, even though the daughter moved on. The title addresses the “frangible choices and directions you take in life,” he said. “It intertwines two separate lives,” he said. “The young character goes into the Marines and comes out and is unable to be a pilot because of his eyes. His mentor talks this guy into becoming a policeman. They end up working together and form a lifelong bond, working through hardships and crazy stories.” Fowler said he always aspired to be a professional writer and planned to get started when he retired from law enforcement. But six years ago, he began writing the book, choosing to tell his story about Lunsford. Fowler called him “the man who made me.” “He was kind of like a John Wayne,” Fowler said. “He was 6-foot-5. He had a presence about him that was inspiring and domineering. “I thought how the way his death happened and the way he inspired so many people. It inspired me to honor him with the way he was. So many people admire him.” Fowler had worked with Lunsford for less than five years when Lunsford died May 19, 1992. Lunsford, 47, lost control of his 1973 Jensen-Healey on Culver Boulevard and hit another car as he drove to meet Fowler in Santa Monica. Not wearing a seat belt, Lunsford was thrown into the street. Fowler said Lunsford came from a time when law enforcement officers didn’t wear seat belts because they thought the harnesses would slow them down. He carried that into his private life. “He was a kick-ass-and-take- names kind of guy,” Fowler said. “My first night in patrol, he took me with him. We ended up going out in an undercover car. Ten minutes into going out, he found a car that was stolen and full of three people.” The discovery – which turned out to be a kidnapping – resulted in a high-speed chase into Playa del Rey, making Fowler’s first time on patrol memorable. “It was a madness night,” Fowler said. “He had a great nose for law enforcement.” Lunsford, Fowler said, was well-respected on the force because he supported those who worked under him. Everyone went home proud of what they had done during the course of the work day. “He made sure they were taken care of. He led from example,” Fowler said. “They didn’t come to work hating their supervisor, thinking they were going to get in trouble.” Putting the book together wasn’t easy. Fowler said he wrote the first draft in 2001, then put together several rewrites. “It is difficult. It’s so much harder than I thought,” he said. “You have to have a thick skin and never say die. It feels like a great new beginning.” Fowler’s novel, which he said is 90 percent true, features South Bay streets and locations. It is based in Southern California and Washington, D.C. “One of my other reasons for writing the book is that many writers interview police officers and write glorious fiction novels regarding the job, but few authors are actual experienced officers,” Fowler said. “This book gives the reader an un-enhanced true and exciting story regarding police work. It’s not all mass-murders and CSI cases. The reader will truly feel like they’ve experienced what it’s like to be a cop.” Duke Hingley, a retired El Segundo motorcycle officer who worked with Lunsford, said Fowler’s book perfectly captured his spirit. “I read the book in one day,” Hingley said. “I couldn’t put it down. I could see Mike in every bit of it.” Fowler, who expects to spend another five years in police work, said he is following in Lunsford’s footsteps and trying to mentor younger officers. He hopes Lunsford is looking down and smiling as he watches him work with his fellow officers. Fowler believes Lunsford would be pleased with his book. “It’s almost an emotional experience to finally see after a culmination of six years of long work and a fabulous story about a great guy,” Fowler said. “It was an emotional experience and very rewarding.” larry.altman@dailybreeze.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Southgate hoping Zaha performs England U-turn after Ivory Coast switch

first_img Wilfried Zaha: The 24-year-old could turn out for the Elephants at next month’s Africa Cup of Nations New England boss Gareth Southgate wants Wilfried Zaha to remain an option for the Three Lions rather than see him switch his national allegiance to the Ivory Coast.The 24-year-old Crystal Palace winger was born in the Ivory Coast and moved to England with his family when he was four.He picked up two senior England caps during Roy Hodgson’s tenure, but he is eligible to switch to his country of birth as both appearances came in friendlies.Zaha has already been pictured holding an Ivory Coast shirt and could turn out for the Elephants at the Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon, which starts next month.But Southgate, who worked closely with the former Manchester United man at Under-21 level, will seek talks with Zaha in the near future.“We are still first and foremost hopeful that we can speak to Wilf,” he said when asked about the potential change from Zaha.“He’s a player I’ve obviously worked with. At the time, I had him with the Under-21s. The first few months he played very well for us…then he had a difficult period for his club.“He had a loan spell at Cardiff that didn’t go so well and at the stage we had players like Tom Ince, who was performing better in the Championship out wide for us, so he dipped out of that group.“Then obviously over the last couple of years, with respect, no-one was questioning him not being in our squad last summer [at the European Championships].”Asked if the player’s decision was now too far down the line, Southgate replied: “I would like to speak to him before we make a decision and happy to make that happen.”The new England manager has kept his eye on the progress Zaha has made this campaign, with the player featuring in all but three of Palace’s games so far.“He has played very well this season,” added Southgate.“I saw him at Everton where he played okay. He played well at Burnley where in the second half I thought he was excellent.“I had a conversation with (Palace manager) Alan Pardew about him that week leading up to that game and I had a conversation with (Palace chairman) Steve Parish about him at half-time during that game. He is someone who I said to Alan I am aware of.”Despite being aware of Zaha, Southgate opted against calling the forward up for any of the four games which he presided over on an interim basis before landing the England job full-time on Wednesday.“For me I only had a few days to make a decision and I had a squad that had done pretty well in October and I wanted to build on that,” he said.“We had Adam Lallana and Raheem Sterling coming into that. But he is certainly someone who has talent, is in a good moment with his club and ideally I’d like to talk to him before he makes that decision final.” 1last_img read more

Bizarre Leyton Orient statement reveals Francesco Becchetti ready to sell club

first_imgControversial Leyton Orient president Francesco Becchetti is prepared to listen to offers for the crisis club.Becchetti has been the subject of protests from supporters who have seen their side slump from the League One play-off final to fifth from bottom in League Two since the Italian bought the club in 2014.Yet a bizarre statement from chief executive Alessandro Angelieri has defended Becchetti’s disastrous reign while hitting out at players such as Jordan Bowery, who was recently loaned out to Crewe.He said: “The actions of the club over the past two-and-a-half years have always been in good faith and that can never be doubted.“Mr Becchetti did not like the fan protests because at the beginning of the season everyone, supporters included, praised the club for their summer transfer business. Thereafter Mr Becchetti doesn’t play on Saturday.“I think that within common sense, Mr Becchetti will continue to fund the club, though appropriate offers for the club will be considered. One offer has been received, but it was not acceptable for a number of reasons.“In regards to player departures…Jordan Bowery’s contribution during the first half of the season was imperceptible, so his departure can be considered neutral.“(The players at the club now have) a massive desire that was lacking from players in the past like Darius Henderson, Jobi McAnuff and Jordan Bowery.”Angelieri also claims the fact he has been away from the club due to illness, and that Becchetti no longer attends games, has had a detrimental effect on results.“I think that my absence due to ill health could have had some negative effect, but I believe even further that the absence of Mr Becchetti during the last three months has had a more negative impact on the squad,” he added.“His personal business did not allow him to be close to the team, when he would usually come to the training ground every Friday and to the games on a Saturday.“Mr Becchetti has a great charisma and the players definitely feel his absence.”Andy Edwards is the current manager of Orient and is the ninth boss to take charge at the club since Becchetti took over in 2014. 1 Leyton Orient owner Francesco Becchetti last_img read more

Man United fans on Ibrahimovic: ‘No excuse for us not to win the league now’

first_img1 Zlatan Ibrahimovic has agreed a one-year contract at Old Trafford Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Manchester United player again and he’ll be wearing the number 10 shirt this season.The Red Devils announced that the striker, who is recovering from a serious knee injury sustained in April, has agreed a one-year contract.He was released in June earlier this summer upon the expiration of his previous deal, but he’s got unfinished business at Old Trafford.So how have fans reacted to the news? Is this a title-winning deal from United?See how a selection of supporters reacted on social media below.last_img

Chelsea target Danny Drinkwater hands in transfer request at Leicester – REPORTS

first_imgLeicester City star Danny Drinkwater has reportedly handed in a transfer request amid interest from Premier League champions Chelsea.The Blues are reportedly plotting a late £25million move for the 27-year-old England international, although it is claimed the Foxes are holding out for more.But Drinkwater is said to be keen to join the Blues before Thursday’s deadline, and it is understood he has now submitted a formal transfer request to leave the King Power Stadium.READ MORE: Danny Drinkwater has ‘definitely got the ability’ to play for Chelsea, talkSPORT toldIt’s another big blow for Leicester, whose star playmaker Riyad Mahrez has also requested to leave this summer.Chelsea have already added Tiemoue Bakayoko to their midfield ranks this summer, but manager Antonio Conte is keen to strengthen his side further after allowing Nemanja Matic to join Manchester United.Drinkwater’s recently-signed four-year contract with Leicester could pose a big obstacle for the Blues, with Leicester desperate to keep their key midfielder, and is it claimed it would take an ‘exceptional offer’ to tempt the Foxes into selling before the summer window shuts. Could Danny Drinkwater move to Chelsea before Thursday’s deadline? 1last_img read more